Five Easy Tips on Setting Personal Priorities

April 08, 2020
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Do you ask yourself why some people find it easy to finish their tasks on time despite their very busy schedules? Do you whine that your tasks are somewhat unending even if you are working too much the whole day? If yes, chances are you are not setting your personal priorities. I would like to share five easy tips on how to set them right. 

- Goals must be SMART which means they should be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Reasonable, and Timely. Don’t be too hard on yourself by trying to cram daily for a year just to catch up. If you feel that you are already behind schedule, start listing down the things that you can start and finish for a week. If you are still finding it difficult to follow your schedule, perhaps you are focusing more on a certain task than balancing the entire plan. 

- If you find it difficult to wake up very early to start your day, prepare the things that you need before retiring at night. Iron your clothes, shine your shoes, layout your attire including accessories, prepare your stuff, and cook your breakfast for reheating the next day. 

- It works all the time that you do your least favorite chore on the time of the day that your energy level is high. Doing your favorite chore should serve as your unwinding time. 

- To lessen your stress, separate major projects into small minor parts. For example, clean every portion of your house one at a time rather than doing it all at the same time trying to do general cleaning. 

- Doing tasks at home is a family endeavor. Get your kids involved in doing chores. Aside from saving more time and energy, this teaches them independence. If they can’t do it on weekdays due to their very busy school schedule, give them the responsibility to do their assigned home tasks an hour or two during weekends. 

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