Al Fresco Dining Under the New Normal with SM Center Pulilan

February 24, 2021
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The Covid-19 pandemic has brought a lot of changes in our lifestyle. For almost a year, we are not able to do what we "normally" do like commuting, dining-in, traveling, working out in a gym, malling, visiting our friends and loved ones, and more without being extra careful in following very strict health and safety protocols. Living in fear is inevitable due to the perils of the virus. It shatters freedom that we usually enjoy and worse, lives. Every day, we are bombarded with news about it and they cause so much stress on us. 

But how can we move on if we live in fear? How can we be truly happy if we focus on the negative effects of the pandemic? I believe that we can still enjoy our lives and live to the fullest "responsibly" at this point by being meticulous in choosing our activities and the venues that we will do such while practicing social distancing, doing proper handwashing or hand hygiene, wearing our face masks and face shields "properly", and of course by being mindful in our surroundings and the people that we are with. We may go out while doing errands or grocery shopping and it is not bad to go somewhere after as long as the place is safe, not crowded, and most especially if it is outdoors. According to Eykelbosh (2020), dining out heightens the transmission risk of Covid-19 because it requires unmasked, face-to-face-interaction, and the risk may exist both indoors and outdoors. So what she suggests is that when visiting a public place, we should restrict dining with our own household members only and it should be done "outdoors" with no enclosure so that short-ranged aerosol transmission among people is effectively nullified by natural dilution ventilation. There is also an article written by Ryanne Co on Tatler Philippines entitled "Tips For Eating Out Safely: How To Minimise Risk Amidst The COVID-19 Pandemic" that may help us reduce the risk of contracting Covid-19 virus. She said that eating Al Fresco, following social distancing, not sharing your own food, bringing your own utensils, avoiding high-touch surfaces, making reservations ahead of time, observing proper mask etiquette (Keeping them on as long as you can--- when the food gets on the table and as soon the meal is over according to her but in my case, if I may say this, eat quickly without talking and put the mask on immediately after, then that's the time you may converse with your companion.). 

In line with this, SM Center Pulilan launched last February 13 its Playventure Picnic Ground. Located right inside the Pulilan Bike Trail, this newest mall attraction provides a unique dining adventure where shoppers can breeze through and enjoy a fun picnic bonfire with relaxing music and favorite food to match. A contact-less way of booking a themed picnic spot is done thru Facebook Appointment and ordering of food from the mall's food stores via Chat to Shop. The Picnic Ground is open daily from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM. 

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Here are the three easy steps to book: 

1. Reserve a themed picnic spot, a choice of two (2) persons or four (4) persons maximum table capacity) via SM Center Pulilan's Facebook Appointment. Click the link to book an appointment:

2. Order food with a minimum purchase of Php500 for two (2) persons or Php1,000 for four (4) persons from SM Center Pulilan's food stores and restaurants via Facebook Messenger Chat to Shop. Click the link for menu guide:

3. Dine and enjoy the food and fun outdoor moments for two (2) hours on a designated timeslot starting 6:00 PM.

SM Center Pulilan, #SMPulilanPlayventure, #SMPulilanBikeTrail, #EverythingsHereAtSM

* The Sanitation Team will disinfect the picnic site before and after use.
* SM Center Pulilan is following the guidelines set by LGU. Diners from 15 to 65 yrs old are allowed to enter the site.

How about a date with your fur baby after a pet walk at the Trail? You may come and create fun moments at Pulilan Bike Trail Picnic Ground. Click the link for booking mechanics:

SM Center Pulilan, #SMPulilanPlayventure, #SMPulilanBikeTrail, #EverythingsHereAtSM

Enjoy, BulakeƱos! Book now and make fun memories with your family under the new normal! Don't forget to stay safe and healthy while being happy!


Eykelbosh, A. Outdoor Winter Dining during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Vancouver, BC: National Collaborating Centre for Environmental Health. 2020 November.

Ryanne Co. (2020, December 17). 9 Tips For Eating Out Safely: How To Minimise Risk Amidst The COVID-19 Pandemic. Tatler Philippines; Tatler PH.

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