Ito Ang Araw Mo: You May Build Bright Habits to Reach Your Goals

March 22, 2021
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Ito Ang Araw Mo: You May Build Bright Habits to Reach Your Goals, #ItoAngArawMo Community, Sun Life Philippines

I am a firm believer in "The Law of Attraction". If we put the teachings of the book "The Secret by Rhonda Bryne" in one statement, it says "What you think, you will attract." I have been practicing this for the last eight years. I may attest that it works in my life positively because I am always mindful of what I think about and it is equated with more opportunities and blessings. 

"Happiness is a choice. Never forget to chase your dreams and do something to achieve them." We always hear these words a couple of times to be motivated. But sometimes, I know that you may agree with me, we need a little push to go back on the right track or stay focused on our goals due to so many pressing issues that we encounter especially now that we are in the state of a pandemic. Those pressing issues may take a toll on our mental health, physical well-being, financial status, and even the way we prioritize things. We may tend to shift our focus away from what we think that truly matters or put our ongoing projects on the shelf at the moment. Even though that we are always optimistic and happy with our lives, we have the tendency to forget "that happy feeling" because our current situation may give us the feeling of uncertainty. That is the reason why on my end, I don't watch the news anymore to shield myself from negativity. 

To alleviate my stress, I read quotes or inspirational verses in the Bible. I also watch so many videos of life coaches on Facebook or Youtube. But what I find helpful in keeping me on my toes again are words of encouragement coming from a friend. In line with this, last Saturday, I attended an event where I felt that my perspectives/perceptions on achieving my goals and how to be happy as always were validated. I am really so glad that I have spent an hour and a half of my time hearing things that I always need to hear. That workshop-type webinar has become a sort of "refresher course" at the same time "another learning experience" because I have gained something that I don't know that might help me as I continuously work on my personal and family dreams.

Ito Ang Araw Mo: You May Build Bright Habits to Reach Your Goals, #ItoAngArawMo Community, Sun Life Philippines

Ito and Araw Mo: Build Bright Habits to Reach Your Goals by Sun Life Philippines is the event that I am talking about. It is a "learning by doing" webinar that has helped me validate my practices on how to reach my goals or fulfill my dreams and has given me a little push to never give up. Dr. Christine Carter and Mr. TJ Agulto, the two keynote speakers of the event, have served as "friends" whom I like to listen to when I need to be motivated. Here are my "takeaways":

To build bright habits to reach our goals, author, TED speaker, and life coach, Dr. Christine Carder, said...

"Always think of the behavior that makes you happy in the past  instead of just imagining to get in the habit."

"Start small for habits to stick and build really slowly."

"Creating a habit takes a lot of energy and focus so start with a habit that doesn't take a lot of willpower. You don't trigger the resistance."

"How does it really start super small? Do the 'Better Than Nothing' routine. It creates the neural pathway in our brain that would prompt us to form our small habits. For example, investing a small amount of money, writing a sentence in your journal. "

"We need to have an ANCHOR to make us form our habits. For example, a time of the day, anything that you do regularly like you don't think about. When you do this, you may insert another habit of yours to create another habit."

"Make our habit into a reward. Do the 'Yay Me Reward', a small victory dance..."

"Build into the behavior that you are considering."

"Measuring our progress train our consciousness to act our good habits."

Meanwhile, Mr. TJ Agulto of the Hapinoy Program said...

"Five days kayang gumawa ng habit basta consistent ka and you experiment. Willpower is an unreliable driver for habit formation. Habit formation is a design issue and not a willpower issue."

"Emotions create habits. Your brain rewires based on the emotion generated during or immediately after doing the behavior."

"The reward must be created related to the behavior, immediately after the behavior. Celebrate for yourself and not for other people. Celebration makes you feel that inner shine."

"It is a fact that we are very much likely to succeed if we are a part of a community." 

In line with this, the #ItoAngArawMo Community by Sun Life Philippines will help us how to build our habits consistently. 

Ito Ang Araw Mo: You May Build Bright Habits to Reach Your Goals, #ItoAngArawMo Community, Sun Life Philippines

We may get TIPS as we access exclusively on topics about finance, relationships, nutrition, wellness, etc. 

We may be helped by a COACH by our chance to join the straight-to-the-point and personalized coaching through the "Simple Tiny Habits Coaching Program".

We may meet EXPERTS and be supported by a COMMUNITY by providing community support and free classes on a whole range of topics that we may want to create a habit for. 

As actress  Lupita Nyong’o said, “No matter where you’re from, your dreams are valid.” So let's be part of the #ItoAngArawMo Community on Facebook! #ItoAngArawMo is about making every day count with the help of a community that may give us a little push to be always consistent with our habits to fulfill our goals and dreams. 

Photo courtesy of Pixabay and Sun Life Philippines Facebook Page

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