Lessons I've Learned as a Blogger

March 30, 2021
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Lessons I've Learned as a Blogger

Blogging has been my source of refuge whenever I feel tired or burned-out. I am an educator and being verbal in expressing myself is expected of me but with all honesty, I can express myself comfortably more through writing. 
Who would have thought that I am still doing this after all these years? How time flies! I've been blogging for nine years and counting! 

Blogging was once my diversionary activity to keep myself sane while wearing different hats. In 2012, I started writing my thoughts without any niche in mind. I just wrote for the sake of releasing my stress. After some time, I placed it on the shelf due to the demands of being a mompreneur and full-time mom. In December 2013 to be exact, I was invited to become a member of Mommy Bloggers Philippines and the rest was history. That was the only time that I realized that blogging was more than just sharing my thoughts and feelings but might open doors for opportunities that were imaginable. Moreover, alongside the opportunities that go with blogging are downs too. Thinking about all the things that I experienced as a blogger, I was inspired to write about the things that I learned.

Think of your "whys"  

Why do you want to be a blogger in the first place? What is your purpose? What is your drive? Why do you like to start? These are the questions that I would like to ask you and I would like you to ask yourself before you start opening a blogging account. Be honest with yourself when you answer because your answers will give you the right mindset, direction, drive to start, and eventually, you will ask yourself again when you feel like giving up. 

Be organized

When you have decided to start blogging, think of a blog name that best represents your blog content. Most of the bloggers I know opt to use their full names as their blog names, thinking they are more appropriate and versatile. Then they could always rebrand anytime the situation calls for it without affecting their blog names. Next, you may open social media accounts like Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook Page, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube for your blog. Make sure that your social media handles are consistent with your blog name. Preparing a media kit or rate card is also very helpful because you may use any of those when brands collaborate with you. 

Curate your content based on your niche 

Blogging is a personal thing. There are times that you may be overwhelmed with too many collaboration opportunities that you would like to accommodate all. That's a good problem actually, but always make sure to stick with your niche for consistency and not to cause confusion on your readers. It should boil down to what best represents you as a person and not just what is trendy. Also, be observant. You have to be aware of what posts your readers like and amplify their curiosity by posting the same tone of posts so that they may stay but never forget to put variety on your content. It helps when you calendar your posts. 

Always be true

The rule of thumb for me as a blogger is never to fool your readers. Post recommendations and product reviews after you truly tried and tested those brands or products. Share your musings that may empower or inspire others. Share contents that represent who you are as a person. By doing so, content creation will flow naturally and you will never get tired of what you are doing because what you post or write about comes from the heart. 

Lessons I've Learned as a Blogger

Say yes but always know your worth

Blogging nowadays is one of the best platforms for endorsements and product reviews in exchange for money, gift certificates, and products or "ex-deals". Brands and companies tap bloggers for collaborations through PR practitioners. The feeling of being asked for collaborations is flattering but always make sure that when you say yes, it is worth your time and effort. What makes it worth your time depends on your purpose of collaborating. It is on a case-to-case basis. It depends on what you think would be valuable for you so we have no right to judge you if you accept a collaboration offer for exposure and there is no payment involved. But to tell you the truth, that becomes an avenue for abuse especially if you are a newbie who is just starting to gain readers and followers. When you set a low benchmark, it affects the whole blogging industry negatively as well. As a blogger, it is best to choose wisely whom to collaborate with, someone who will respect your time and effort, who is willing to compensate you fairly, and who is sincere in building a good relationship with you and not just use you adamantly. 

Be open to change but never forget your values and principles

Change in any aspect of this world is inevitable and it includes blogging as well. When I started, people still read blog posts and now they read social media posts or watch YouTube or Tiktok videos. Bloggers need to adapt in order to stay relevant so they go with the flow. Bloggers or "influencers" are becoming more and more aggressive and adventurous literally and figuratively. There are thousands of bloggers out there who are sharing their passion and voices. The more the merrier, right? It is definitely fun and okay. Being adventurous is fine. Moving with the flow or posting what is trendy is okay but in my opinion, always stick with what you believe in and never lose your self-respect. Never forget your values and principles. Please do not post or do something that is against your principles or will just for the sake of money, likes, and follows. Always think of the consequences of your actions. What you post or write about is a reflection of who you are as a person. Be responsible in making choices because what you do or speak online is not always about you. You also have family members to protect. Any wrong move can put your and your loved ones' reputation at stake so make the right choices. 

Give back to your readers

Your readers and followers are part of your success as a blogger that's why it is best to give back to them through giveaways but never use this as a means of bribery. It feels good when you know that your readers stay because they like your content more than the products that you give or offer. Giving good content that may help change their lives for the better is the best way to give back. 

Always keep your feet on the ground

There are many blogger success stories that may truly inspire others to start their own blogging path. There are also stories that we hear that for some, fame and fortune go to some bloggers' heads. For me, blogging is like show business and politics. If you do not constantly check your "self-awareness meter", you may forget to be humble, prudent, honest, and loyal due to so many opportunities and competition right in front of you. Always remember that in any endeavor, you compete with yourself alone and not with others. Focus on yourself, stick with your values, and never compare yourself with others. These will keep you "grounded". 

Stay happy

When you have the love for this craft, there is the truth in the saying, "Love what you do, then money will follow." But I would like to add to this, "If you do what you love, happiness shall follow and so does money." Blogging is always good but expect also the bad side. If you are a person who sees something good in any bad situation, your bad experiences may be your means to learn and be better. Be a blogger or an "influencer" that changes lives for the better and makes other people as happy as you are. 

I hope that what I've shared may help all the readers who want to enter the "blogosphere", those who are already blogging but are struggling with what they would like to write about, or those who would like to give up. 

Lessons I've Learned as a Blogger

Remember, as internet celebrity Zoe Sugg said, "Every time you post something online, you have a choice. You can either make it something that adds to the happiness levels in the world—or you can make it something that takes away." Make the right choice. Be a blogger who doesn't just influence someone to purchase something but a person who contributes to the betterment of the world. 

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