We Can Re-create Our Salon Hair at Home in 4 Easy Steps

May 31, 2021
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The pandemic is more than a year already and most of us are practicing home quarantine or working from home. Since we are keeping ourselves safe, we minimize going to salons to maintain our hair. In my case, I had short hair before but I had no choice but to grow my hair instead due to fear of going to the salon. Maintaining long hair is tasking but choosing the right products to get that salon TLC makes it easier for us to achieve that salon hair look. In my case, I keep my wavy hair soft and smooth by using Pantene 3-minute Keratin Straight Conditioner. Pantene has been my partner for months and I am very satisfied with how it nourishes my hair. I am also excited to use Pantene's other products very soon.

Ladies, we can always take matters into our own hands. No matter how busy we are, let us not forget to take care of ourselves. If you feel that you’re missing the confidence that salon-like results offer, here are four tips to achieve a Salontastic experience at home shared to us by Pantene. 

Let's Wash Our Scalp and Hair with Care

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The first step for a Salontastic at home experience is to clean our hair and scalp. Since we’re used to washing hair with the same products every day, we might not notice the effect different shampoos have in how they cleanse and even protect hair from external factors. A shampoo with rice oil essence is just what our hair needs for a Salontastic experience.

Rice oil is an underrated beauty ingredient that comes from the Japanese tradition of using rice water to wash hair. The abundance of vitamin E in rice oil can help reduce inflammation and reverse damage to the hair follicles. It’s the perfect ingredient to maintain strong, long and shiny hair.

Let's wash our scalp and hair with care with the Pantene Long Hair Solutions: Total Damage Care Shampoo with Pro-Vitamin Formula & Japanese Rice Oil Essence Shampoo. With regular use, it ultimately helps repair damaged hair and keeps hair protected from external factors.

Let's Use a Microfiber Towel

The items we use for drying our hair can also affect its look and texture just as much as the products we apply. Cotton towels have loose threads that can tangle and pull our hair, leading to breakage and frizz. Unlike textured towels, microfiber towels are made of a smoother material that create less friction on our strands. They’re gentler on different hair textures, prevent snags, and help to keep the hair cuticle smooth.

Let's Use a Conditioner that Protects Our Strands

It’s important to maintain moisture in hair and provide protection from further damage by using a conditioner. Moisture keeps hair hydrated and supple, preventing it from being dry and brittle which can lead to damage.
Salontastic Hair, Pantene PH, Pantene Collagen Miracle Hair Treatment Shots, Pantene Color & Perm Conditioner, Pantene Collagen Miracle Intensive Serum Conditioner

Unlike conventional conditioners, Pantene Collagen Miracle Intensive Serum Conditioner targets damaged strands, making hair more resilient against breakage from external causes. It also has real Collagen that can bring back the natural strength of your hair. With a blend of Pro-Vitamin B5, miracle serum, and real Collagen — nutrients are sealed and moisture is locked in each strand, turning dry, frizzy hair into shiny, smoother hair every day.

For colored or permed hair, the Pantene Color & Perm Conditioner can also smoothen 3 months worth of hair damage in just 3 minutes (with continuous use). This Pantene conditioner leaves each strand of hair with a protective layer of repair essence. Not to mention that it also helps hair color and perm last longer.

Let's Cap it all off with a Miracle Treatment

Here’s the grand finale to achieve salon-like hair results. We can give our hair a boost of smoothness and shine without the grease with the Pantene Collagen Miracle Hair Treatment Shots. It has Pro-Vitamin Blends and Collagen, keeping each hair strand hydrated and replenished of lost nutrients. 

Salontastic Hair, Pantene PH, Pantene Collagen Miracle Hair Treatment Shots, Pantene Color & Perm Conditioner, Pantene Collagen Miracle Intensive Serum Conditioner

After rinsing the conditioner, we may squeeze the excess water from our hair and apply the Collagen Treatment Shots. Leave it on for 10 minutes while wrapped in a warm towel then wash with room-temp water. We can air dry or blow dry our hair after, and style it as we please.

The salon experience will surely be missed, but now we can feel like every day is a salon day with Pantene. And it only takes as easy as four tips to pamper ourselves with salon-quality treatment at home. For more tips, tricks, and DIY methods to maintain Salontastic hair, visit the Pantene’s guide to salon level hair.

We may head over to the P&G Shopee Mall store and checkout all the Pantene products we need for a salon experience at home with Salontastic hair results.

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