Piolo and Inigo Pascual Talk About Fun, Health, Habits, and Finances at #SunTalksLite

May 14, 2021
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Whenever I see a dad and child tandem sharing their musings online or offline, I can't help myself but get hooked on the discussion. In a world that is busy and has a lot of changes pertaining to parent-child relationships, it is perhaps common to see parents and child drift apart due to generation gap or differences in perspectives. Despite of these, I admire parents, especially the dads, who find ways to reach out to their children and find time inculcating their values and principles with them. This is the reason why I among showbiz personalities, I truly admire Piolo and Inigo Pascual.

On May 7, 2021 at 5:00 PM, Sun Life Philippines launched #SunTalksLite where Piolo and Inigo shared their mix of grit and action in their life and financial journey. As they were speaking, I could only say that both guys have good heads on their shoulders. Hindi ka maiinip when you watch them because they have so much insights to share about freedom, habits, money, and health, something that all of us could learn something from. 

I would like to share with you the key points of the talk that are worth remembering.

Insights from Inigo...

- Learn to appreciate things especially when you buy it with your own money.
- Reward yourself, love what you are doing. You will learn to appreciate your work and what you do when you learn how to appreciate yourself.
- Appreciate the mornings. Set your goals for the day. Let yourself be ready with what you do.
- Take at least 30 minutes of your life breathing. Learn how to meditate.
- Learn to divide your money and how to spend and save.
- Essentials vs wants, make sure to divide them properly.
- When you have a goal or a dream, you'll be motivated to achieve it. The journey is what matters and not the goal.
- Being healthy is a daily habit.

Insights from  Piolo...

- Living free is spending more time with the things that you like to do with your family and loved ones.
- Critique yourself better.
- Be free to have more time for yourself which gives you happiness.
- When you start young, you secure your future to be free from debt, free from obligation--- There is freedom in your midst.
- Prayer, breakfast, workout, check plants, hike- These may protect your health and give you positive vibes.
- Simplify, simplify, simplify... Spend on things that really matter.
- Realize the important things. Invest, dapat liquid ka kapag nawalan ka ng work. Dapat meron ka to keep yourself alive.
- Regarding health, be consistent with your training. We have to have that conscious effort to live healthier physically, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually.
- Don't just compartmentalize but also be conscious of the things that you do daily para alam mong may patutunguhan ang araw mo.

Speaking of investments and financial security, Piolo and Inigo also shared the affordable investments that they got through Sun Life Philippines which were tailored-fit with their lifestyle. 

#SunTalks Lite, Sun Life Philippines, Piolo Pascual, Inigo Pascual

#SunTalks Lite, Sun Life Philippines, Piolo Pascual, Inigo Pascual

Like them, we may also get our own too to have a secured future. I encourage you to watch this video for more details.  

Photo and video credit; Sun Life Philippines

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