Ways Beko Can Help You Live a Healthier Lifestyle

June 25, 2021
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It's been almost two years since the world is under the Covid-19 pandemic. This phenomenon has made both negative and positive impacts in the lives of people especially in the family mechanics. Despite the chaos and negativity, there are adults especially parents who belong to the working class, may find it advantageous because of being given the privilege to work in the comfort of their own homes. This means that they can stay with their loved-ones around the clock. This gives them more time to strengthen their relationships with their spouses and kids and watch everyone achieve one milestone after another which they haven't experienced before due to hustling in their respective jobs. Appreciating the importance of time, families become more health conscious by prioritizing sleep, getting ample rest, and being mindful with their choices when it comes to food, mode of exercise, and products that may help them save time and effort while promoting a healthy lifestyle because of their eagerness to live longer. 

Beko, Beko Fridge Freezer, HarvestFresh, EverFresh. Healthy Lifestyle, Promoting Lifestyle

Aside from putting health, family, and time as top priorities, families also become wiser in their spending habits. Slowing down has made them see the value of money and maximizing resources at home to save more. One of the simple things that has been neglected is food wastage but is now being avoided because life is tougher at this point. This may be minimized or totally eradicated when families purchase what they really need at a given time. But the challenge is storing of perishables longer, maintaining their freshness and nutrients. There are tips in the internet that work but may require more resources to use that defeats the purpose of saving and healthy living. But then again, slowing down further makes families think of permanent solutions.

Beko, Beko Fridge Freezer, HarvestFresh, EverFresh. Healthy Lifestyle, Promoting Lifestyle

In consonance with permanent solutions, one of the products that may help families avoid food waste thus maximizing the health benefits of the food that they eat is investing on a fridge that would keep perishables like fruits and vegetables fresh for up to 30 days while preserving their vitamins and minerals. Beko Fridge Freezers have this capability due to their EverFresh+ technology that controls the compartment humidity and HARVESTFresh that simulates the sun's cycle to preserve vitamins for longer. Indeed, it is inspired by nature and powered by light. Beko Fridge Freezers are nutrient-saving, energy-efficient, and feature-packed making families save more money. In line with this, Beko's website also showcases food tweaks and healthy recipes for all ages especially kids who have the tendency to be picky eaters. Beko is not only concerned about how families store their food but how to cook healthier meals to maximize the feature of the product and the food items that are stored in it.

Beko, Beko Fridge Freezer, HarvestFresh, EverFresh. Healthy Lifestyle, Promoting Lifestyle

Beko is indeed concerned with how families spend their time and energy while prioritizing their health and well-being. It innovates kitchen, laundry, built-in, and air/home care appliances that are practical, economical, user-friendly, and durable. Beko is not solely selling its products for profit but it helps families live life to the fullest. 

Beko, Beko Fridge Freezer, HarvestFresh, EverFresh. Healthy Lifestyle, Promoting Lifestyle

Aside from healthy recipes, Beko shares tips for a healthier family and showcases more kitchen inspirations to create an enjoyable and meaningful living. Therefore, Beko, the fastest growing brand in the European market established in 1955, promotes a healthy lifestyle as its core over 60 years of empowering generations to live longer. To fulfill its purpose, Beko also has developed partnerships with the world's leading organizations in the field of health and sports such as Unicef, FC Barcelona, and Fenerbahce Men’s Basketball Team which influences and encourages families to choose a healthy lifestyle.

Beko, Beko Fridge Freezer, HarvestFresh, EverFresh. Healthy Lifestyle, Promoting Lifestyle

Photo Credit: Pixabay and Beko

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  1. Ang ganda po talaga ng mga product ni beko good quality talaga lahat

    1. Totoo 'yan kasi for decades the brand stays. Beko innovates their products thinking of what consumers like. Matibay, functional, space-saver, at maganda sa paningin. :)

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