Peer Review: I Love You Because I Love You

October 17, 2021


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This wonderful book is about a significant journey (but not quite an easy one) of parents who are blessed with two awesome boys but one of them is extra-special and extra-ordinary in many ways. I am talking about their “Bunso” aka Ice. They share with us their journey and the challenges that they have faced and overcome in raising Ice. What has kept them going is their unconditional love for their youngest child. Not to mention the support and love of their eldest son Ross also truly counts in making the journey ahead worthwhile.

Theirs is a no holds barred story and I am truly amazed to see how the whole family can come together to make life beautiful and worth –living for Ice. The book has eight (8) chapters that will take you to a roller-coaster ride from acceptance to gratitude up to the present. Each page made me feel thrilled, happy and teary-eyed as I rooted for the Valdez family.

No matter how different a child may be, he or she is never less. Because in the eyes of God. He dearly loves us and will always love us unconditionally. In a family, where we find genuine warmth and support, the book’s title, “I LOVE YOU BECAUSE I LOVE YOU” is God’s way of expressing His love and forbearance for us, in spite of our imperfections and limitations. He simply loves us because He made us not only with His hands but also in His image.

The book will surely open many minds and hearts of readers and be able to see themselves with value and importance and a mission and a purpose to fulfill in this life in order to leave something behind that is truly lasting, as well as enduring.

I am thankful to read their story and for letting readers journey side by side with them because it can truly help parents undergoing the same predicament to put things in order and perspective, and most of all anchor their faith in God for He will never give us anything that we could not bear.

I encourage parents, friends and book lovers alike to please do get a copy of “I LOVE YOU BECAUSE I LOVE YOU” because by reading and leafing through the pages will make you see that we are all the same inside though we may be different in one or another but we are loved by the same God; so fearfully and wonderfully made by Him.

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