The 2022 List of the Most Trusted Work from Home Apps

February 22, 2022
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Most Trusted Work from Home Apps 2022, Zoom, Trello, Freedom, ExpressVPN

Remote working even a few years ago was a new concept. However, with the Coronavirus pandemic, it has become the new normal all over the globe. Work from home is completely different from being physically present and working in a professional environment. One requires a strong internet connection when working from home, and above all, the apps that you used to utilize rarely for video conferencing, editing, etc. have become an integral part of your work culture now.

Most Trusted Work from Home Apps 2022, Zoom, Trello, Freedom, ExpressVPN

These apps have made the transition from physical work to remote working really easy. For your benefit, here is the top 2022 list of the most trusted work from home apps you cannot miss out on.


This has been a controversial app since 2020. While some swear by it, some do not because of the bad interface and security issues. However, Zoom is on the list of 2022 most trusted work from home apps and with improved security and interface, it has now become the go-to app for employees. From video conferencing to sharing screens, you could have a seamless conversation and meeting, no matter where the other employees are located.

Zoom can be availed with a fee and there is a free version too. Although that one comes with a maximum of 40 minutes call time for each video call, it allows a maximum of 100 people in the meeting.


Working in a professional environment is easier as there are fewer distractions other than the peering eyes of your colleagues. However, with remote working, the internet can provide you with millions of potential distractions and it is really difficult not to get tempted by them. With Freedom, your focus will not wane towards social media and online shopping. You do not have to switch off your phone as then you might not be able to work with a PDF editor but set a block time limit.

With a time-limit block, you can perform your tasks with the right mindset. If you are also tempted to look at your smartphone every few minutes while working, then this app is meant for you.


Trello has gained huge popularity as it helps companies and project heads keep track of their employees and keep everything organized. With Trello, you could create board templates that include design, business, and education.

You can then add cards to the boards and this could be accessed by all the teammates. This way, you can share data in real-time. Its other notable features would be due dates, labels, checklists, attachments, and others. With Trello’s Butler, you could implement automation, making managing and organizing everything a lot easier.


VPN is not only meant for doing illegal activities or hacking as rumors would have it. VPN is now used everywhere: from IT sectors to other businesses, as more and more people are becoming aware of how beneficial this network security feature is. With remote working, employees are accessing files from different locations, and this could create a security breach.

With ExpressVPN, one could support five devices per user and it could be synced with different devices at the same time, and it also helps in maintaining high-speed servers. Whether using PDF to Word or any editing software, you have to ensure that your connection is safe and secure and ExpressVPN helps you with that. 

Wrapping up, these are some of the top apps and software you would see being used globally in the present year and even beyond.

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