How to Design a Kitchen Diner for Entertaining Friends

January 24, 2023
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A kitchen diner is a multi-functional space that is perfect for entertaining friends. Instead of a formal dinner party, where you’re stuck in the kitchen while they drink all the pinot noir, you can hang out together: eating, drinking, and having a laugh.

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Many modern homes have a kitchen diner but if you want to maximize the space you have, here are some great design ideas.

Have Different Zones

For a kitchen diner to be practical, it needs to have clear zones. Have an area for food preparation, one for eating, and one for relaxing. This can be achieved in different ways but using different styles of countertops is a good solution. For example, you could install granite or copper countertops in food prep areas, and a solid wood countertop for a breakfast bar. Continue the theme with a dining table made from a similar type of wood, combined with some stylish rattan and mango wood dining chairs.

If your zones are clear, it makes it easier to control clutter and mess.

Indoor-Outdoor Dining

Indoor-outdoor dining is a popular trend, and it’s perfect for evenings when you want to entertain friends. You can open up your kitchen-diner and take advantage of your outdoor space. On a warm summer’s evening, move your dining table outside and then come back in when it cools off.

Minimize the Clutter

One of the biggest problems with kitchen diners is keeping the mess under control. The last thing you need while entertaining friends is for them to see piles of washing up and food mess. They might not mind so much, but it’s not a great look for any host.

While it’s impossible to maintain a spotless kitchen unless you are the Queen of Microwave Meals, you can at least design your space to hide the worst of the clutter.

One way to do this is by adding a breakfast bar that divides the kitchen and dining area. Because a breakfast bar is generally higher than a regular countertop, it hides a lot of the clutter from food preparation. If you have your sink on the counter behind the breakfast bar, it allows you to keep all the dirty pots out of sight when people are seated at the dining table.

Décor and Lighting

Install the right kind of lighting for each area. Low lighting helps to create the right ambiance for entertaining. Flexible pendants hanging above a dining area offer targeted light, so you can turn off your main task lighting once you have finished cooking. Install a dimmer switch for overhead lights and stick with bulbs on the warm spectrum, as they are more suited to cozy nights with some tasty food, good conversation, and a few bottles of wine. Finally, use decorative touches to make your kitchen diner more comfortable. Have a small sofa and some chairs for when the meal is over, so people can relax while they chat. Music is essential for kitchen parties; go with Bluetooth speakers for seamless integration with a smartphone.

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