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Our One of a Kind Bento Workshop by Frabelle Foods Corporation

Kuya liked our The Maya Kitchen Baking Workshop experience so much that he was looking forward to another  mom and kid workshop to be organized by Mommy Bloggers Philippines. A few weeks after, we learned that there would be another, a Bento Workshop by Frabelle Foods Corporation, which Kuya would like to attend because it would be all about food preparation.

I discovered that Kuya would prefer cooking activities so I immediately signed up. An opportunity like this should never be ignored. It was also timely because Kuya was requesting me for the longest time to prepare BENTO (noun: a lacquered or decorated wooden Japanese lunchbox; a Japanese-style packed lunch, consisting of such items as rice, vegetables, and sashimi or raw fish with condiments- Source: Google) lunch and snacks as baon for school. I was already gifted with bento tools by my good blogger friend, Krisna Mesa of Stuffify PH. Unfortunately, no matter how hard I tried, I failed to put my heart into creating bento because I had no first hand training to do it. I knew for a fact that there were so many video tutorials in YouTube about bento but due to mom duties, I couldn’t find time watching some to get more ideas.

I am a combination of kinesthetic, auditory, and visual learner. I learn effectively through hands-on activities. Frabelle Bento Workshop was the perfect venue for me to do it.

It turned out to be fun and exciting because Kuya and I learned once more with our mommy blogger friends and their kids. 

My sincerest thanks to Frabelle Foods Corporation Marketing Team, including Chef Donne, for the well-prepared and organized workshop. There was never a dull moment.

The bento design ideas that we learned looked so difficult to do but they weren’t. They were quick and easy to do and #SadyangPinasarap. Let me share the ingredients and steps so that you could do them too in the comforts of your home. Take note that all the veggies except lettuce were boiled/blanched/steamed while the Frabelle products were either fried or steamed. We used uncooked spaghetti noodles to bind ham flowers.

Captain’s Catch Cheezy Tuna Nuggets Seascape Bento Box


Captain’s Catch Cheezy Tuna Nuggets
Frabelle Foods Sweet Ham
fried egg
fried rice


1. Using a butterfly cutter, cut out butterfly-shaped cheese and Frabelle Foods Sweet Ham.
2. Stick the cheese and ham on the Captain’s Catch Cheezy Tuna Nuggets.
3. Arrange the apple, lettuce, rice, egg, and Frabelle Foods Sweet Ham in the lunch box.
4. Using a fish-shaped cutter, cut out fish-shaped carrots. Lay the “fish carrots” on top of the egg.
5. Finish the bento by laying the Captain’s Catch Cheexy Tuna Nuggets on top of the lettuce.

Frabelle Bossing Burger Lady Bug in Paradise Bento Box


Frabelle Foods Bossing Burger
Frabelle Foods Bossing Sweet Ham
fried egg
nori paper or black sesame seeds


1. Using a knife, slice the pandesal at the center but leave an inch uncut.
2. Add lettuce and Bossing Burger patty.
3. Add cheese for the arms and carrots for the head of the lady bug before putting the sliced pandesal on top.
4. For the eyes, cut out cheese using a straw and add sesame seeds  or cut nori wrapper.
5. Cut out Bossing Sweet Ham using the round end of an icing tip and put on top of the pandesal.
6. In the bento box, place the nori wrapper, lettuce, grapes, and burger.
7. For the final touch, try to add rolled Bossing Sweet ham, egg, and orange.

Frabelle Yummy! Jumbo Hotdogs Piggy in a Bun Bento Box


Frabelle Foods Yummy! Jumbo Hotdogs
Frabelle Foods Bossing Sweet Ham
scrambled eggs
black sesame seeds
slices of orange
nori wrapper
slice of cheese
mixed vegetables


1. Cut the end of the hotdog to about 1 inch.
2. Cut the sliced hotdog diagonally to about the size of the bun.
3. Form the cheese using the raindrop food cutter.
4. Position the cut cheese to resemble ears and paste it using mayonnaise on the first cut hotdog. For the eyes, cut the nori wrapper into small circles. Make an oblong shape from the cheese and add two black sesame seeds or nori wrapper to resemble a pig’s nose.
5. Use uncooked spaghetti noodle to position the head to the diagonally sliced body. Put inside a bun with lettuce.
6. Use Bossing Sweet Ham, scrambled egg, fruits and mixed veggies to liven up your bento.

Frabelle Foods Seaglow Baymax Bento Box


Frabelle  Seaglow Squid Ball
Frabelle  Seaglow Orlian
Frabelle Bossing Sweet Ham
nori wrapper
apple slices
orange slices
steamed rice


1. Start with Baymax’s head. Using Frabelle Squid Ball, place two small nori wrapper circles and connect them with a thin line cut from nori. Brush the squid ball with mayonnaise or oil to make nori cut-outs stick, if necessary.
2. To make Baymax’s body, put steamed rice in a plastic wrapper and form it into a ball.
3. Place the shaped Steamed Rice below Baymax’s head.
4. Place the scrambles egg on the steamed rice. Of course, don’t forget Baymax’s shoulders and arms! Shape another set of Steamed Rice for these.
5. Place punched small stars from nori wrapper on the omelet blanket. You may decorate Baymax’s  Sleeping Bento with orange and apple slices and Frabelle Seaglow Orlian.

Not just the fruitful learning experience that made an impact on the kids but the thoughtfulness of Richprime Global, exclusive distributor of Barbie, Hot Wheels, and Qixels in the Philippines. Miss Paula Apostol of Richprime Global Marketing Department, surprised our kids with toys! Kuya was fortunate to be given an opportunity to choose after answering Miss Paula's question correctly.

Frabelle also made sure that we would bring home a bagful of delicious goodies that we could use in our bento preparation at home.

Our brains were filled with bento knowledge and happy memories while our tummies were filled with scrumptious lunch prepared by Frabelle using its own products.

We were treated like VIPs. We were fetched and dropped off to a designated area by Frabelle and this was the opportunity for mommies to chat while kids play.

After posting some photos of this workshop on Instagram, some of you were asking me when would be the next bento workshop? I will keep you posted, promise!


Some photos that I used above were taken and owned by my super favorite food blogger, Joy Gurtiza of Joybites. More photos of our Frabelle Bento Workshop experience were posted on this LINK 

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Review + Giveaway: Green Esthetics LONGER LASH Growth Conditioning Solution

I am not endowed with thick and long eyelashes. I find it difficult to curl my lashes because they are too short and it hurts so much when I accidentally press the eyelash curler on my eyelids. I just use mascara or put falsies to make my eyelashes darker. I admit that I am too lazy to do these things because they take so much of my time. Our humid weather makes my mascara run even if I use a waterproof one so I just leave them be.

Not until I was given an opportunity by Green Esthetics for the second time to try and test its most raved eyelash growth conditioning solution, LONGER LASH. I did a review on its ARGAN OIL before I was asked to do a review for this product. Who was I to say no? I badly needed this to improve the length and thickness of my eyelashes! I wasn’t afraid to try it despite of using it for the eyes because I knew for a fact that Green Esthetics has  pledged in the TRUTH in LABELING (Natural Ingredient Resource Center), that it uses NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Di Water, Sodium Carboxymethylcellulose, Potassium Sorbate, Naticide, L-Lysine, Castor Oil, 1,2 Octanediol, Myristoyl pentapepetide-17, Copper Pepetide, Biotin, Panthenol, Allantoin, Emu Oil, Argan Oil. Longer Lash doesn't contain parabens, fragrance, phenoxyethanol or propylene glycol. See the description of each ingredient HERE.

Having longer and thick eyelashes makes a woman's eyes more soulful, beautiful, and sexy. But not all women are gifted with thick and long eyelashes and that includes me. . . I'm so glad that @green_esthetics has sent me another love mail just in time for my desire to achieve thicker and longer eyelashes! . . LONGER LASH is blended with a mix of potent polypeptides, vitamins, minerals, plus essential and natural oils to condition my eyelashes and also my brows, encouraging growth and thickness. I am so glad to know that it doesn't contain harmful ingredients which include parabens, fragrance, phenoxyethanol, and propyl glycol. . . I am very excited to try and test this. I am going to write a review about my experience and of course, I have another unit for giving away so stay tuned. . . The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes because they are the doorways to her heart, the place where love resides, as quoted by Audrey Hepburn. Isn't it nice for the woman's eyes to have thicker and longer fluttering eyelashes to make them look prettier? . . Thanks for sending me LONGER LASH samples, Green Esthetics! . . #allaroundpinaymama #aapmcollaboration #greenesthetics #longerlash #eyelash #eyelashgrowthconditioningsolution #eyelashgrower #natural #madeinusa #mommybloggersphilippines #certifiedbloggers #momswhoblogph #momblogger #asianblogger #pinayblogger #flatlay #beautyblogger #mobilephotography #nokialumia630
A photo posted by SJ Valdez (@allaroundpinaymama) on

As always, it was so easy to transact with Green Esthetics. I received a notice that I had to get my parcel from the city post office two weeks after it was shipped. I just paid a minimal fee upon claiming. On that same day, I immediately tried it on my lower and upper eyelashes. As early as two weeks, I could see visible results!

You may see that my eyelashes are longer and thicker. Take note that I applied mascara for you to see them clearly. You may also notice that I have scarce and  unruly eyebrows.

My eyelashes became longer, darker, and thicker. This prompted me to use it on my scarce EYEBROWS. I also had  difficulties in maintaining and coloring my eyebrows due to their very light, thin, and unruly condition. 

It also takes so much of my time preparing my eyebrows everytime I go out because I have to put eyebrow pencil to make them look darker. From afar, if I don't apply eyebrow color, I would definitely look like without eyebrows.

To my surprise, after using LONGER LASH on my eyebrows after a week, they became super thick, dark, and longer too like my eyelashes! I am so happy! Now I can skip with eyebrow coloring on ordinary days. I just groom them and I am ready to go! During special occasions when I put on make-up, I notice that it's easier for me to apply color on my eyebrows without fixing so many gaps like I've used to. That’s the same thing that I do with my improved eyelashes. I find it so enjoyable to apply my favorite mascara and curl them without hurting my eyelids.

Take a look at my eyebrows. I applied color on the right while the one on the left was just groomed.

By the way, this is how I use Longer Lash:

I apply Longer Lash on the base/roots of my upper and  lower eyelashes using the applicator brush. These areas are where we usually do the tight lining. I make sure to avoid the eye area and that my eyes are free of any make-up or creams and are completely clean before applying. I start from the inner corner of the eye outwards, directly on the base of my eyelashes.

Longer Lash can be applied once or twice daily. Make-up may be applied after three to five minutes once Longer Lash has completely dried and absorbed by the skin.

Longer Lash growth conditioning serum contains natural and safe ingredients, however mild irritation can occur but only during the first minute while the product dries. 

I used Longer Lash once a day for the first three days when I experienced mild irritation or heaviness.  Then on the fourth day when I did not experience much irritation, I used it twice a day (once in the morning and once before bed). On the fifth day onwards, I didn't experience any irritation at all and continued using it twice a day.

I am on my eighth week of using Longer Lash. It goes a long way since I only need a small amount to apply. My tube is still half full. That means I have more to use to make my eyelashes and eyebrows the thickest, darkest, and longest that they can be!

See how happy I am with what Longer Lash does to my eyelashes and eyebrows!

I love everything about Longer Lash like all the ladies who tried and tested it around the world. Here's the link to the review videos.

I also encourage you to know more about  Longer Lash though this LINK.

Green Esthetics offers more payment options and ships worldwide.  
It also offers 40% discount (Just type the Promo Code: GREEN40 upon checking-out.) and free shipping on orders over $99 valid on all its store items.

For reviews, updates, discounts, and promos, you may visit and follow Green Esthetics on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, GOOGLE+, LINKEDIN, PINTEREST, and YOUTUBE.

I would like one of you to experience the wonders of Longer Lash too. Green Esthetics is so generous as always. One (1) lucky AAPM Reader will have a chance to win One (1) LONGER LASH worth $69.95! Just follow these four easy steps through Rafflecopter.
a Rafflecopter giveaway
The giveaway is open to my readers residing in the Philippines only. You don't have to be my social media account followers to join. Giveaway period is from July 18 to August 19, 2016 only. Winner will be chosen by

I will announce the winner on my Facebook Page on August 20, 2016 and he/she will be notified though email and/or Facebook private message on the same day. I will be responsible in shipping the prize to the winner. Good luck!

Friday, July 15, 2016

Kikay Shopping in BeautyMNL is L-O-V-E

I haven’t done beauty online shopping for a long time because I know that I have everything that I need not until I was contacted by Beauty MNL to try and test its website. Oh my G! Being given this opportunity by the "Biggest and Number 1 Beauty Site" in the country was such an honor for me! Obviously, I said yes and to tell you honestly, I had a one of a kind, smoothest, quickest, and easiest online shopping experience. Here’s my chika.

Last Thursday, I was contacted by Miss Bea of Beauty MNL. After giving me instructions, I created my account at for a few minutes.

Then I confirmed my account through the email that was sent to me. After that, I browsed its shop and decided to purchase the following, which I lacked in my beauty stash. I also felt that they were worth trying.


I didn’t place them in my cart yet due to thinking that I might still change my order. Bunso was so clingy too and I couldn't concentrate (Beauty shopping needs focus. LOL!). It was on Saturday that I was able to place my order. On Monday morning, I received a text message that my parcel was in transit and in the afternoon, I got it already! Whew! That was fast!

These are the reasons why shopping in Beauty MNL is L-O-V-E:

1.       The organized site is easy to navigate and the instructions are easy to understand. The details to be filled out are straight forward. The company doesn’t require so many steps to follow.

2.       There are over 300 unique beauty brands and products loved by Filipinas to choose from which most of them are not found in drugstores or malls.

3.       Price range caters shoppers from all walks of life. Beauty MNL carries “pang-masa at pang-mayaman” products that are meticulously curated for shoppers of all hair and skin types and tones. All products have details on how to use them, what to love about them, and most importantly the reviews that are comprehensive and convincing.

4.       There’s a search button where we can type the things that we are looking for to save time.

5.       Different modes of payment are available for our convenience: bank deposit, Paypal, and credit card.

6.       Shipping fees are affordable--- Php50.00 (Metro Manila) and Php100.00 (Province). Beauty MNL guarantees next-day delivery to Metro Manila addresses and three to five working days for the rest of the Philippines. It  doesn't deliver on weekends and on holidays though as its Logistics Team needs a break too which is understandable.

7.       Logistics are excellent. Beauty MNL informs its customers the status of their orders from the transaction process to shipping through email.

8.       All items are neatly packed in a cute resealable/reusable container which is a plus point for me.

9.       All items are well-taken care of and delivered in excellent condition.

10.   Beauty MNL supports local brands aside from imported ones. This helps big and small local entrepreneurs create more jobs which is good for our countrymen.

11.   We can get FREEBIES with every purchase plus FREE SHIPPING for orders over Php2,000.00+! In my case I got a Dove Deodorant.

Speaking of promo, if you like taking selfies, you may join Beauty MNL's #selfieMNL contest! Get a chance to win a Printster Polaroid of your pretty face and a Php200.00 BeautyMNL GC. Click here for the complete details.

Courtesy: Beauty MNL

From June 23 to July 20, 2016, we may use the promo code: ILOVEBMNL when we shop for a minimum single receipt worth Php2,000.00 at to get Php300.00 off our bill. Promo code is valid for one time use only. Let’s share this good news to our Beauty Best Friends! See full  mechanics at

This beauty shopping with Beauty MNL will be followed for sure!

I invite you to join Beauty MNL’s social media sites for updates and promos: Facebook and Instagram or go directly to its website.

We can contact Beauty MNL through the following:
Mobile Number: 0906-271-2665

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