Sunday, March 26, 2017

Favori Sleep and Relaxation Salve: A Natural Sleep Aid and Muscle Relaxant

I chose "focus" to be my one word for this year. I decided to do what only matters for my personal and family growth and refrain from multitasking too much because most of the time it could result to more open ended plans and unfinished tasks rather than accomplishing more. 

There are studies about multitasking which says that it can cause forgetfulness. I can feel that it's happening to me and I don't like it. I feel so unreliable and irresponsible whenever it happens because I have the tendency to neglect some things that need my attention. I am also working on bringing back my prowess in tracking down things because for me, it's not an option and excuse to regress in this area especially that there are so many additional concerns that I have to attend to. I have to juggle my roles without affecting the welfare of my family. After all, I do things for its sake.

I said to myself that I should not be too hard on myself and never engage too much in multitasking. But still it's inevitable in my present situation especially now that irresistible opportunities in my family, blogging, and business careers keep on coming. Optimism and following the Law of Attraction help all the time but sometimes my mind is willing but my body is not due to exhaustion.

In times when I feel stressed that leads to muscle spasm, headache, and sleepless nights, taking oral medication is not my first option. I always rely on natural healing through eating healthy, visualization, and drinking lots of water. I also feel relieved when I use balms or salves to alleviate the pain . There are only two balms that I use alternately because they give soothing effect  or relaxes my body and mind that prompts me to sleep soundly. Just recently, I have another addition to my favorites and it's Favori Sleep & Relaxation Salve.

I'm so impressed with what it does. It is my current favorite because it doesn't only promotes natural sleep but also aids in  faster sleep turnaround time. I use it when I have migraine attacks, muscle pain, and even when I have insect bites. Ang sarap-sarap ng pakiramdam when I apply it on my temples, forehead, nape, and back. Very relaxing talaga siya at nakakatulog ako ng mahimbing. Whenever I feel exhausted and dizzy, I just open the tub and smell its contents. I love the light lavender-mentholated scent. It's made of natural ingredients and their combination has relaxing properties--- beeswax, sweet almond oil, olive oil, coconut oil, grapefruit oil, lavender, lemon, peppermint, rosemary, menthol, ginger, Vitamin E, and phenoxyethanol, that makes me confident too that it's safe for me and the rest of my family to use. I just need  to apply a small amount and it works. Ibig sabihin matipid siyang gamitin and a tub goes a long way. Whenever I am too tired, I find it so hard to sleep. This salve lets me sleep faster. I am not kidding, it's really amazing! 

It's color is violet but becomes colorless when being applied on skin. It doesn't stain so no need to worry.

I had no idea about its price and availability because it was sent to me by a friend. According to, it costs Php200.00. It can be bought online or in the following malls: Robinsons Place Manila, SM Megamall, SM City Marikina, SM Southmall, and Market! Market! I highly recommend this salve, Mars at Pards. Mapapasarap ang tulog ninyo at mare-relax ang inyong katawan sa sobrang ginhawa ng pakiramdam kapag ginamit ninyo ito.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Our Family Loves Belo Baby

Time flies! It's been almost a year since I've written my thoughts here in detail about the Belo Baby product line. When it comes to loyalty, I can swear on Belo Baby when it comes to taking care of my family's skin. We are using it for exactly 10 months and we are happy with what it does.

When it comes to quality and safety, we can never go wrong with Belo Baby that guarantees to have 100% natural and 0% harmful ingredients. It's "all natural" and crafted with care for the most delicate skin, for the most meticulous moms, and for the whole family as well. 

We feel safe whenever we use Belo Baby because it leaves out some harmful ingredients present in other brands and is composed of these main ingredients:

Cocoa Butter, an ingredient that contains antioxidant qualities that protect skin from the outside. It keeps the skin healthy by strengthening and deeply moisturizing it. With its anti-inflammatory properties, it also relieves common skin irritations like rashes.

Shea Butter, a known super food for the skin, as well as the hair. It heals, protects, nourishes, and moisturizes skin from damage and dryness. Because it is natural, gentle, and soft, it is suitable for all skin types especially the delicate and sensitive skin of babies. It naturally heals common skin conditions of babies like eczema and diaper rash.

Sweet Almond Oil, has the ability to lock moisture into the skin. It is also a good exfoliator to help remove dead skin cells and stimulate the development of healthier skin. It is generally safe for all skin types, including delicate baby skin.

Belo Baby provides a safer alternative unlike other baby products. Belo has taken meticulous care in choosing not only which ingredients to put in, but which to leave out.

Once more, I would like to stress out the things that our family loves about the following Belo Baby products:

Bar Soap


- white in color so it shows that it's pure and no artificial coloring

- easy to grip and doesn't slip even when being held by kids

- lathers just right

- mild-scented; smells great and the scent stays on skin for hours

- makes skin supple, soft, and smooth without any irritations

Hair and Body Wash


- white in color so it shows that it's pure and no artificial coloring

- makes hair and skin smell really, really good and the sweet powder scent lingers for hours

- makes hair and skin soft and smooth without irritations

- has creamy consistency that doesn't lather too much because of the absence of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), a cleansing and foaming agent used in soaps, washes, and shampoos that can cause irritations when being used often and high concentrations, but still removes dirt

- has pump-type container that can be locked and unlocked easily

Face and Body Lotion


- smells so good on skin and the scent stays longer
- makes skin from head to toe supple, moisturized, soft, and smooth without greasy after-feel; even a seldom lotion user like I do due to experiencing greasiness can be motivated to use it regularly

Among these three products that we truly love, Belo Baby Face and Body Lotion is our most favorite. I don't usually hoard, but see I have three on hand because our family can never let the day pass without using this.

My sons use this after every bath to keep their skin moisturized. Kuya, who is in his tween years, still likes the way it touches his skin. He can smell like a baby and it doesn't bother him anyway. 

We have this massage ritual with Bunso at bedtime to address his sensory overload issues due to Mild Autism. Using Belo Baby Face and Body Lotion in his body massage makes him feel relaxed leading to uninterrupted sleep.

It's only during our kid's hospitalization that we have a chance to have a #staycation. Maybe you are wondering why I sound so positive about it. Yes, it is emotionally, physically, and financially draining but everytime it happens I do my best to look at it on a different perspective. . . Everytime we stay in the hospital, I become at peace with my faith in God. As the saying goes, PRAY MORE WHEN IT'S DIFFICULT TO #PRAY. I realize that I can do it. I am thankful because I have time to #REFLECT and realize that I am so blessed despite not being rich in material possessions. I have loving family and friends. . . When I told Kuya over the phone that Bunso would be admitted, he was crying and worried about his brother. I told him that it would be fine and he would be taken care of. The following day, Hubby brought the items in the photo and said that Kuya prepared them for his baby bro--- @belobabylove Lotion for his massage, his favorite books, new #HotWheels car. He even made a #Qixels doll to make Bunso happy. . . I was so nervous to be alone in taking care of Bunso because he was hyperactive during his previous hospitalization. I am so grateful to his therapists and teachers because now he is more matured and can easily follow directions. He stays in bed knowing that he has to rest and take care of his IV site. We just cuddle, read books, and play his favorite puzzles. His nurses and doctors are very caring and supportive too. It's evident that Bunso's recovery is quick. . . It's challenging when my kids get sick but it makes our family stronger and grateful. I know that it shall pass. . #richwellprime #allaroundpinaymama #aapmmusings #momblogger #autismmom #keepthefaith #lifelessons #strength #hope #love #faith #autism #mommybloggersphilippines
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A day isn't complete without using this lotion. In my case, I use it as my daily face and body moisturizer especially when I just stay at home, I have a few favorite facial and body lotions that I use alternately but currently, this is my favorite because I never have a greasy after-feel now that the weather is so hot. I use it on my face together with Belo Tinted Sunscreen and I have observed that it gives my make-up a flawless dewy finish. No wonder that it was a recipient of Sample Room Awards 2016.

We really, really love Belo Baby. As I've mentioned on my review last year, it exceeds my expectations and is consistent in giving best results. The packaging is very attractive, functional, and durable. It has superb quality and clinically proven all natural, gentle, and safe for everybody and reasonably priced too. It's economical because the product goes a long way and only a small amount is needed for every use. I've heard good feedback from my friends, loved-ones, and even strangers that can attest how highly recommended it is for the entire family. Babies and adults can have healthy skin and smell fresh and pure all day!

Now, I would like to take this opportunity to greet Belo Baby a "Happy First Anniversary"! #BeloBabyTurnsONE! Yay! Our family wishes you more success and fruitful years of developing more all natural products for us to enjoy! Thank you for taking good care of our family's skin naturally.
Belo Baby has indeed changed the way our family  takes care of our skin. As its way of saying thank you, Belo Baby wants to know how it has changed yours and your baby's way of taking care of your skin too through an Instagram contest. These are the things that you should do, Mars at Pards:

1. Upload a creative photo of your Belo Baby moment with any Belo Baby product on Instagram. 

2. Make sure to write a catchy caption or description. Please include the hashtags #BeloBabyxAllAroundPinayMama , #BeloBaby , and #BeloBabyTurnsOne.

3. Follow and tag  @belobabylove and @allaroundpinaymama so that I can see your entry easily.

4. Only one (1) entry is allowed per Instagram account.

5. Here's a sample entry:

I seldom capture a moment like this because Bunso is camera shy. Maybe he is so happy with his body massage using his all-time favorite, @belobaby Face and Body Lotion  and it shows through his huge smile! Happy first anniversary, Belo Baby! Thanks for taking care of Bunso's skin naturally! @allaroundpinaymama #BabyBeloxAllAroundPinayMama #BeloBaby #BeloBabyTurnsONE

Contest runs from March 17 to 23, 2017 and is open to Philippine residents only. My family will choose one (1) winning entry. The winning entry will be announced on March 24, 2017 and Belo Baby will be responsible in shipping the prize to the winner. I'm so excited to see your entries!

Belo Baby is available in all leading supermarkets, groceries, department stores, and online.

You may visit or Belo Baby social media sites for more information and updates:

Facebook:  belobabylove
Twitter: @belobabylove
Instagram: @belobabylove

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Ancient Traditions and Modern Healing Combined Using Healthy Smoothies---Traditional Chinese Medicine Inspired Recipes

Having a household without helper and composed of two active kids, one of which has Mild Autism, is obviously a very busy one. Paps and I share with the bulk of work in doing the chores and raising our kids aside from our personal jobs. Paps is a high school teacher by the day and he teaches in the school where Kuya studies while I take care of Bunso who is now attending Special School and Occupational Therapy. Paps and I still work for our homebased business from the moment that our kids are asleep. This staying up late at night happens all the time because we have no choice but to extend our efforts. It is merely impossible for me to cover for him and do his share in the business task after dropping Bunso to school and while he is staying there for two to three hours because doing so at this point is most of the time being substituted with chores. From the moment that Bunso and I are already home, my time revolves around him alone because he needs it and he is my priority. Then late in the afternoon, in the evening, or late at night when the two big boys arrive, as the schedule permits, our focus as parents mainly is to have a brief family time with our kids during and after dinner time and do the chores thereafter. And the cycle goes on and on and on...

Paps and I are not complaining. We love our job as parents and we also like what we do for a living. We also have the same hobbies and we are happy with our present condition. We always wish to live longer and watch our kids grow and build their own lives separately but would constantly look for each other closely.

Living longer entails hard work and discipline. I have also learned just recently that a study has been made that parenting can lead to longer life. Well, mainly it's because parents have more reasons to live longer. They have to look after their kids until they die. It's a motivation that is so hard to break because parents love their kids unconditionally.

When I say hard work and discipline, it includes having a healthy lifestyle. Gone were the days when we would indulge in fatty and oily food or binge eating with junk food. We eat a balanced meal and tend to indulge or have ourselves a treat with dairy or chips once in a while. We don't want our kids to be ignorant with food. We believe that balance is always the key. We also don't take too much medicines and we take them only when they are badly and truly needed. We always resort to natural alternatives which includes choosing the right food in healing a specific disease. Sometimes, skipping medication is not an option but still it should be reinforced with taking food alternatives to heal the target disease.

Like for instance, drinking lots of water, cranberry juice, and coconut water is good for Urinary Tract Infection and Canker Sores because they kill and wash off the bacteria that cause them.  There are so many articles found in the world wide web about the healing wonders of fruits, vegetables, and herbs and sometimes it takes time to search and look for the right ones. Most of the correct information based on experience comes from  Chinese or Asian sources.

I don't do that anymore at the moment because now I have with me this tiny book with huge information about Chinese and Asian superfoods turned into smoothies, which are considered to be the convenient way to bring nutrition and refreshment into our daily living. Healthy Smoothies---Traditional Chinese Medicine Inspired Recipes by Kimberly Ashton (health coach and food educator) and Zhang Yifang (Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor) teaches us how to make healthy smoothies while making us understand about food therapy that is suited to our individual constitution. Body constitution, by the way, makes up our physical state, including the function of the systems of our body and metabolism and of course, our mental and spiritual states too.

How do we know our individual constitution in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)? 

The authors mention in the book that the features of one's constitution can be detected in three areas: the personal physical build, the body's internal functions, and the psychological state. A person's constitution also depends on the stage of life he or she is facing, such as puberty or menopause perhaps.

There are also two origins of constitution: congenital natural disposition and post-natal lifestyle (nature and nurture, in short). Moreover, there are so many factors that influence the formation of the constitution when speaking about the "nature" part like parents' physical and mental health, at the time of conception or the mother's pregnancy condition. When it comes to "nurture", our own lifestyles and actions influence our constitution.

To help us maintain our present state of being or constitution,  we have to learn first the basic healthy food that can help us maintain, relax, or heal it. In this book, a self-assessment is included to find that out.  The result can help us know what foods to choose according to our individual constitution. Isn't it cool? We can just try and test different smoothies that we think can help us gain healthier bodies with a concrete basis. We are being guided properly by this book by knowing the basics of TCM and the first thing to do is to know more about what we really need.

Next step is teaching the preparation of functional liquids and bases. TCM also stresses that aside from matching our food therapy to our individual constitution, we should also consider the season we are in and what effects we want the smoothie to have in our health. The liquids and bases that are the key parts to smoothie making are divided into three kinds: cooling, warming, and neutral. After this step, choosing suitable food and building our very own TCM smoothie follow, may it be for nourishing nutrition, immune system strength, detoxification, refreshment, or digestion aid. There are almost 40 recipes to choose from that are explained in a very simple manner which includes usage, ingredients, method of preparing, and most of all contraindication. Each recipe is supported with colorful photographs that make reading this book and learning from it enticing and fun.

I recommend this book for the reasons that I've mentioned above. It serves as a reliable guide for us to achieve optimum health and well-being. Dr. Ann Wignore, a Lithuanian-American holistic health practitioner, once said, "When we learn to eat properly we begin to rebuild our bodies and to fulfill our purpose on this planet to grow in health, creativity, wisdom, and compassion." This book can help us do it rightly to achieve this goal.
If you wish to have a copy, it can be purchased here in the Philippines via National Book Store (SM Mega Mall, SM North Edsa, SM Mall of Asia, and Robinsons Galleria), Fully Booked The Fort, and Fully Booked Rockwell. You may also buy it online at Tuttle Publishing offers free shipping for items worth $35.00 (US $) and above. Aside from this book, there are a lot of interesting books available on the website.

Tuttle Publishing gets social. You may join the community for updates on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM.
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