Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Little Heroes: First Aid and Rescue for Kids

Last Saturday, May 20, a group of kids ages seven to eleven attended the first run of Little Heroes: First Aid and Rescue for Kids.

This workshop that has its second run on May 27 aims to teach kids basic first aid and rescue which include the following: 

– Proper Handwashing w/ Demo and Return Demo
– Cleaning and Dressing w/ Demo and Return Demo

– Dressing
– Prevention

– Dogs and Cats
– Bees
– Jellyfish
– Sea Urchin

– Prevention
– Activity: Compression Bandage

– Activity: Basic Splinting

– Recognition
– What to do
– Prevention



– What to watch out for
– What to do
– CT Scan and X-ray

– Recognition
– Opening the Airway
– Calling for help
– Activity: Return Demo
Life is very uncertain. Accidents may happen whenever and wherever we are. It is a must for our kids to know how to do the above-mentioned skills when it is necessary. We encourage our kids to join kiddie crew, art, music, and self-defense training and workshops. Why not include this workshop before the summer ends because I believe that it is a must for our kids to be equipped with these life skills  . You may go to http://manilaworkshops.com/events/littleheroeskids for more details and how to join. 
Here are some snapshots of the first run. Thank you, Miss Veni Anabo of Manila Workshops for these. 
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Inspired Gifts PH: Makes Gift-Giving More Personal

Filipinos in general are thoughtful. Gift-giving is always a part of their special occasions and even during ordinary days when they just feel like doing it. Gift-giving never fails to induce a happy feeling to both the giver and receiver which makes their bond stronger and sweeter. It creates good memories too, no matter how small or big the gift that has been given or received. It's always the thought that counts. 

Speaking of gifts, just recently I have received these tokens from Inspired Gifts PH. They're perfect for ladies and gents who love perfumes like I do! 

Aside from perfumes this online shop sells other unique gift items as well and its collection is so interesting. Pinag-isipan talaga. The choices are intended for people from different ages and interests. Here are my top picks:

For Driven Working Girls
Bamboo Watch with Leather Strap

Elegance, comfort, and functionality rolled into one!

For Techie Individuals
Smart Ring with NFC Function for Android, iOs and Windows Phone

This is so practical and versatile that the techie receiver is gonna love you more!

For Our Beloved Senior Citizens 
Adjustable Reading Glasses for the Nearsighted and Farsighted

20/20 vision can be achieved instantly with this adjustable glasses. They serve as temporary replacement in case our old folks left, lost, or accidentally broke their prescription glasses.

For Adorable Girls
Knitted Mermaid Tail Blanket

Girls will surely have sweet dreams or nostalgia with this comfy, soft, warm pretty blanket.

For Busy Domestic Divas
Instant Sushi Maker

Who wouldn't love to make yummy sushi in no time? This is the perfect tool for that. 

For Curious Kids
Mini Magnetic Designer Construction and Building Set

Kids' brains develop much faster if we indulge them in educational play. This toy can keep their creative juices flowing. 

For Fab New and Expectant Moms
Fashionable Maternity Sweater and Baby Carrier

This multi-functional sweater is perfect for pregnant and new moms on-the-go.

For DIY Junkies
Flexible Shaft Bits and Screwdriver and Electric Drill Power Tool Accessories for Hard to Reach Places

Durable, flexible and handy tool accessory that makes home repairs and DIY projects hassle and stress-free.

Aren't they cool? Inspired Gifts PH can be one of your top online shops to go to in case you would like to purchase gifts that inspire love, beauty, and anything in between. You may visit www.inspiredgiftsph.com and follow @inspiredgiftsph on Facebook. Happy gift shopping!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Sugar Blend Spaghetti

Today is mother's day and it's my 12th. Unlike other families who go out to celebrate to eat out or have a staycation, as usual, we choose to stay at home and do the stuff that we do daily. For me, everyday is mother's day and it's not just today that it should be celebrated. I believe that each day must be lived to the fullest as if it's our last and honestly it's one of the reasons why I am not used to considering any occasion pertaining to myself as something huge or shall I say, a big deal?

But of course, Paps reminded me again this morning that we should practice celebrating Mother's Day so that the kids would appreciate celebrating occasions even if they would be very simple. It could also be a venue to create good family memories with a dash of something special which honestly I didn't have much while growing up. I have already mentioned in one of my blog posts why but anyway, I don't want to spoil the day. It's mother's day and it's my day. Paps cooked one of his specialties but this time, used Sugar Blend instead of brown or white sugar.

Here it is:


1 kilo Del Monte or Dole sweet style spaghetti sauce 
1 head garlic, minced
2 medium red onions, minced
1/2 teaspoon ground pepper
3/4 kilo ground pork
2 big carrots, grated
2 tablespoons minced coriander (optional)
165g bar Eden Cheese, grated
1/4 kilo tomato, halved
400g  Jolly button mushrooms
1 kilo spaghetti, cooked al dente 
dash of McCormick dried basil and oregano
Sugar Blend, measurement depends on your taste preference
salt, optional 


 1. Boil meat together with onion, coriander (optional), and pepper  until oil comes out. Fry until light brown.

2. Saute meat with garlic and mushrooms.

3. Add in carrots, halved tomatoes, and water until ingredients are slightly submerged. Stir occasionally while cooking in medium fire.

4.  Once it's cooked, put spaghetti sauce, grated cheese, dried basil, dried oregano, and sugar. Let it simmer. To adjust the taste depending on your preference, add Sugar Blend or salt.  

Paps doesn't mince the tomatoes always to preserve their juices. Both of us love eating them chunky while we press and mash them before serving the spaghetti to our kids. 

Instead of approximately five tablespoons of brown or white sugar, Paps put 2 1/2 tablespoons of Sugar Blend only. That would mean that he only used 1/2 the amount of sugar that was equivalent to 50% less calories! Yay!

Spaghetti, Sugar Blend, Food, Home Cooked, All-Around Pinay Mama

Sugar Blend makes our healthy beverages and dishes even healthier. To know more about Sugar Blend, I have already shared it together with my Quick and Easy Sugar Blend Polvoron Recipe that my kids like so much too.

Happy mother's day to all amazing mom's out there! Let's cherish every moment with our family and be thankful to have the best vocation in the world despite the pains and challenges that go with it. Let's also keep in mind that our painful childhood memories in any way should not affect negatively the manner we raise our kids.  Enjoy your day! Love, love...

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