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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Nuffnang Philippines- Building Strong Relationships Among Bloggers and Brands

If I remember it right, there were only four instances that I joined Nuffnang Philippine's Blogging Contest. The first time that I joined and won was when Globe sponsored the movie screening of Runner, Runner. For a person without beginner's luck, it was such a  great experience to join for the first time and win thereafter. I was looking forward to watch it and join other bloggers who won. Unfortunately, my kids got hospitalized and I even never had a chance inform the organizer that I would not be able to  make it.

I was still new to blogging then. I didn't know what to do and honestly, I was so nervous because I barely knew any blogger. An introvert in nature, I was so shy to interact with people especially those that I didn't know. That was me a long time ago but little by little, I started gaining friends from the blogosphere. 

I consider myself to be so blessed to meet good friends while gaining opportunities through blogging. This endeavor can make me do business with pleasure.

2017 marks my fifth year in the blogging industry and my fourth year as part of Nuffnang Philippines. I am so proud and happy to be part of this community because it has opened doors for me and other bloggers as well. It has brought 16,470 campaigns to be exact which includes hosting giveaways for reputable brands. It is giving away huge prizes like gadgets, staycation/vacation packages, movie tickets, and a lot more. The contests are solely open for their pool of bloggers that have signed up in their website. If only I can join in all, I would love to, but my hectic schedule never permits me at the moment. 

Not until I was asked by my photography mentor and one of my favorite food bloggers and good friend, Joy Gurtiza. She posted in her Facebook wall if there was somebody who liked to get three tickets for the advanced screening of Despicable Me 3. Without batting an eyelash, I immediately commented "Me!!!!" So she sent me a private message stating that for me to get those tickets, I have to join Nuffnang Philippines's blogging contest sponsored by Colgate. The requirements are clear and easy to do, intended especially for parents, so for me, I was good to go! Imagine, I could have a chance to win a prize in exchange of doing something that I love! Win-win!

Actually it was a diad effort between Paps and I. I asked him to guest post because I wanted to submit a unique article coming from a dad's perspective. I just placed personal touches and did the editing and we were able to submit our entry on time. After a few days, the result was posted and we were so lucky to be recipients of three movie tickets for the advanced screening of Despicable Me 3. Yay! 

Despicable Me 3, Nuffnang Philippines, Colgate Philippines

Kuya and I were the only ones who watched the film. We gave our extra ticket to a friend who needed it because we didn't want her one loved one to be left behind. It was indeed a great feeling to share our blessing and make someone happy.

Here on this photo were the highlights of the event. We really had fun! Thank you Nuffnang Philippines for organizing this event. Kuya and I and the rest of the moms, dads, and kids who came had a wonderful experience--- another treasure to be kept inside our bank of good memories.

Despicable Me 3, Nuffnang Philippines, Colgate Philippines

If you are a blogger, I encourage you to register and be part of Nuffnang Philippines. It is a venue for us to monetize our blogs aside from having an opportunity to join its contests. It is dedicated to building strong relationships among bloggers, its community, and brands. Nuffnang Philippines wants their bloggers to earn a passive income, gain more exposure and opportunities, and of course, have fun! By just getting an ad banner of your choice in your Nuffnang Philippines account and placing it on your website, your visitors' number of clicks on it can make you earn.

I already cashed out my earnings for the last four years for the first time and I'm currently waiting for my cheque. Isn't it exciting? You may visit and explore to learn more about it.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Make Brushing More Fun with Minions!

Bringing-up our kids provided us so much learning through experimentation, lots of patience, a mountain full of prayer, and creativity. The joys and trials that we have endured as our kids grow up have become avenues of so much learning. For my blog entry today, I have invited my ex-boyfriend, best friend, confidant, and husband to share a portion of our parenting experiences in his perspective.

As a little boy, I never enjoyed the ritual of brushing my teeth. Agonizing were the moments when Tatay Jun, my dad, would ask me to brush my teeth with the minty toothpaste that we used to have back in the day. One time, we were watching a cartoon program on Saturday television and Tatay asked me who my  favorite cartoon character was, and I told him that it was Donald Duck. Later that day when my brushing schedule was coming, he told me that Donald Duck's teeth were perfect (Later on, I learned that ducks don't have teeth.) and that he would want me to be like Donald and Donald would help me. With that I became very excited. So come brushing time, Tatay gave me a Donald Duck toothbrush. I diligently brushed  my teeth since then knowing that I would have the same teeth as Donald's.

Times have changed. I am now a father with two bouncing, very active, and assertive boys. 

minions, colgate, toothbrush, toothpaste

Teaching them the importance of mouth hygiene is a daunting task. I remember how my father has encouraged me to develop the habit. But boy, kids nowadays have a way of circumventing on every logic, notion, or rationale that are imposed by their parents. They simply don't listen and follow. It's more like listen and ask, "Why?" The trick is, if the reason does not conform to what they want, then so long reason. 

As for the "mouth hygiene" thing, my eldest Ross taught me one important lesson on how to do it. During one of our heated arguments on why he should clean his teeth, he argued, "Why can't it be fun?" At that moment, I realized that my dad a long time ago taught me and my sisters mouth hygiene by engaging us in somewhat "role playing" activity. Whenever we brush our teeth, he would pretend to be Donald Duck and would even imitate the character's manner of speech.

Ross at four
As for the care of my kids, my wife and I agreed to brush with them together. To enhance the experience more we bought them their favorite character themed toothbrushes. Then while we brushed together, we would pretend that we belonged to a family that would always do the same things one at a time. It so happened that my son Ross's favorite character then was Mickey Mouse.

So while we were brushing, I would usually ask him to discuss things about Mickey Mouse. Then at certain instances, my wife and I would give quick instructions to Ross the manner on which he should clean his teeth. So every night, we would gather around near the sink and brush our teeth together. It became our bonding time or ritual before sleeping. Our brushing time became a fun-filled and anticipated activity everyday. 

Nowadays, Ross has developed the habit of cleaning his teeth regularly even at times without us telling him. My wife and I together with him are still doing it but with one more "trainee" in the guise of his younger brother, Ice. Same routine, same fun but with a twist since Ice has Mild Autism. he has the tendency to stick to routines. On top of the routines that I have mentioned, one particular aspect of our brushing session with Ice is his fixation to a particular brand of toothpaste. Among all the brands that we have tried and tested on him, he prefers with utmost reverence, Colgate Original. So far, my kids have developed strong, white teeth on top of their good brushing habits.

The latest "Minions" themed toothbrush and Colgate toothpaste can be motivating factor for young kids who love the adorable Minion characters like Dave, Stuart, Kevin, Carl, Phil, and Lance to see brushing as fun-filled health-laden activity. Furthermore, Colgate has customized oral care by coming up with two (2) variants of their themed product, both available in Lazada Philippines---

Colgate Minions 2-5 Years Old (Junior) Oral Care Pack  and Colgate Minions Kids 5-9 Years Old (Youth) Oral Care Pack (This is definitely a must-have for Ice who is currently six years old.).

These packs were specifically designed through research to address the oral hygiene needs of kids while keeping them happy and inspired as they brush their teeth.

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