Beautiful Births Documentary: Speaks About Pregancy and Natural Childbirth

October 30, 2014
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Beautiful Births is a touching documentary produced by Starseed Pictures that talks about the other side of pregnancy and childbirth methods and options which are not often shown in mainstream media

In this documentary we can understand better what Midwifery Model of Care is and what happens in birth centers when women experience giving birth  out of the hospital. It answers the most common questions and addresses the concerns most people have about out of hospital births. 

It also discusses Cesarian Delivery (C-section), Vaginal Birth After Cesarian (VBAC), interventions, and the importance of a proper diet during pregnancy and more. 

Three women share their personal birth stories including their in and out of hospital experiences.  

I was so blessed to be given a privilege to watch the whole documentary. I was so touched and moved by it. It highlighted stories and beautiful photographs of women who were giving birth the natural way. I could relate although I gave birth twice in a hospital. I found women who shared their stories in the film admirable. They had the guts to go back to basics

I believe that men should watch this to better understand what women are going through during pregnancy and delivery. Women risk their lives to bear and give birth to a child. Pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding is a journey that is so pure, beautiful, and inspiring that women should proudly share to the world. 

The mini teaser on YouTube has already received over four million views and counting. The official documentary trailer is available HERE.


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About Jacqui Blue

Jacqui Blue is a documentary filmmaker, writer, photographer, artist and mother of five sons. Before putting herself through film school, she had spent the greater part of the last decade working as a stay at home mom and wife. Having had a Cesarean section with her twins, followed by two very different but successful hospital VBACs, which was then followed by a water birth in a birth center, Jacqui developed a passion for natural birth and fell into "alternative" or "attachment" parenting styles. When she became annoyed with the programming available to women about pregnancy and birth, she decided it was about time someone made a film that showed another, a different, a more humane way to bring children into the world.

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