You Can Do Magic in Your Home and Office Through INOAC Magic Sponge

December 25, 2015
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I'm a mom preoccupied with so much things to do yet there's little time. I want all things to be covered as much as possible to avoid piling up of tasks because in the long run, I'm the one who's going to suffer. One of the things that I do is to find ways and means to make my job quick and easy to finish without hampering the quality of work and its outcome. For me, most of the tasks that are time consuming require CLEANING.

Purchasing different cleaning aids from detergents, soaps, bleaches, disinfectants, and sponges that do the work squeeky clean hastily is what I love to do.

One of the best purchases that I made at my recent Uratex Philippines Retail Showroom was the INOAC MAGIC SPONGE. I was impressed when I read the product job and description. I became more impressed when I tried and tested it that made me say to myself, "Bakit ngayon ka lang dumating sa buhay ko?"

Before I go further, here are some details about the INOAC MAGIC SPONGE:


High Quality!
New Technology!
Magic Sponge is made of non-toxic, good cleaning action, and fine structure melamine foam. No need for soap, just moist sponge with water to magically clean and wipe off MARKS and STAINS.


For Kitchen- Removes stains and grease on ovens, granite/tiles, countertops and refrigerator

For Bathroom- Removes stains and on basins, bathtubs, ceramic tiles

For House- Cleans leather sofa, walls and doors, removal of molds, crayons, ink and sticky residue on walls

For Office- Cleans computer mouse, keyboards, fax machines, desktops, whiteboards


- ceramics, glass, dishes
- mirror or glass without surface treatment
- tiles
- other surface where glazed appearance of surface cannot be damaged


- painted soft surface
- plastic products
- painted surface, art painting, sculpture, etc.
- interior/exterior of car
- lacquer ware, coated products
- water-absorbent, patterned, intended-surface products
- easily damaged materials


May dull glossy plastic and may cause gradual abrasion of surface


1     Cut on preferred size.
2     Wet with water.
3     Gently squeeze out excess water.
4     Simply wipe surface to clean.
5     Rinse with water.


INOAC Philippines Corporation
Telephone Number: (049)549-3331
Fax: (049)549-3332



In my opinion...

The mere fact that the INOAC MAGIC SPONGE cleans quickly and flawlessly makes me love it to bits! In less effortless strokes, our counter top, sink, and bathroom tiles and fixtures become free from deep seeded dirt, grout, and watermarks. With extra gentle strokes, it can literally remove stain from painted walls and porcelain. Using it is very economical because I don't need to increase the strength of my soap solution because the sponge itself can clean effectively with the aid of water only. One piece may be a little pricey but it's large and I can cut it to my desired size and keep the rest for future use. It goes a long way. It's easy to wash and dry too.I find cleaning more fun and easy with this sponge. It's perfect for super busy homemakers like me. I'm really so glad that I've purchased it. I save more time, energy, and money!

I've tried and tested so many sponges but INOAC MAGIC SPONGE is definitely my favorite! I highly recommend this and I'm going to bet my name on it! Promise, you're going to love it too!

It's easy to find because it's also available at the hardware section of major malls aside from all Uratex Philippines Retail Showrooms.

If you want to avail the INOAC MAGIC SPONGE at 20% OFF, just go to any Uratex Philippines Retail Showroom near you. Promo runs until December 31, 2015!

Just an additional information to avoid confusion when you visit the retail showroom, Uratex Philippines has changed the name of INOAC Magic Sponge to MRS. ERASER. It comes by 2's at Php79.75 and 3's at Php99.75.

Good news is, all retail showrooms are open during the holidays! What are you waiting for? This sponge is going to make your life easier especially now that the holiday rush is up!

You my also order at the comforts of your home. You may go HERE for more details.

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