Mommy Money Tips by Money Max Philippines

June 29, 2016
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My mom raised my brother and I to be frugal. She taught us to be wise spenders and live by our own means. She trained us to know the difference between "need" and "want'. 

We were not rich but our parents were able to send us to good schools and support our needs. We didn't grow up deprived or in excess. We enjoyed life in terms of things that were tangible but with responsibility. Thanks to my mom  who was practical ever since.

Money Max Philippines has Four Mommy Money Tips that I remember our mom always telling us. They still echo in our heads.

Now that my brother and I have our own families, we experience tough times though,  but we see to it that we put our mom's tips in mind. Honestly, we've been guilty of  having bought food going bad in the refrigerator and my mom gets furious. But we have improved. Change and good habits especially in terms of saving and money matters really start from within.

We teach our kids to save and be vigilant in their habits at an early age. They also practice frugality and due to this, they become more creative and smart in their choices. We also find time to save through mutual fund and cooperative so that later on when we are old and don't have the capacity to work, our kids and us are going to have something to use. Our ancestors are not rich. We don't want our kids and us to experience the same fate that they have. Our grandparents and parents have done their part in changing our lives and theirs and we want to pass it on to our kids, if not good, better or best.

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