Celerhina Aubrey of Reigning Still Blog Designed My Website's New Look!

November 05, 2017
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Hello, Mars at Pards! The year is about to end again. If you notice, this Mama is at her peak of being very busy. Honestly, burnout sets in at this point and still, I am doing something about it by diverting my attention to something else that breaks my usual routines. I am currently and seriously doing my "installment general cleaning". For me it's an activity that I love but don't have the luxury of time doing often. That's why when long vacations arrive, I take the opportunity to do it with gusto! As I always do, I set my priorities and make things happen. However, it pays to be more flexible to avoid the dangers of becoming too engrossed with routines and finally, feeling down due to denial of experiencing burnout. Loving myself should be prioritized among anything else because I can't give what I don't have. Happiness should radiate from within and it should extend to the persons I hold dear.

To set that happy emotional state on my being and loving myself more, the first step that I did was to have my website refurbished. It so happened that a good blogger friend of mine and an amazing software engineer Celerhina Aubrey had an enticing proposal and I grabbed that rare opportunity.

A few years ago, I was the one who made my own website despite having no knowledge in programming. Thanks to Google! I survived! I was able to fix the look that I really wanted for my website after three long months. The old look of my website served me well since 2013. However, due to the advent of android phones and tablets, I wanted my website to be responsive which I didn't know how to fix myself. 

Reigning Still, SJ Valdez, Celerhina Aubrey Reyes, All-Around Pinay Mama, Website Designer Philippines, Blogger Website Designer
My old website design made by yours truly.
Furthermore, four years of having the same layout was long overdue. I was hesitant to ask some web developers even Celerhina Aubrey because of the knowledge that it was quite expensive. That endeavor wasn't also my priority. Not until she announced on her Facebook account that she was selling her current website design. I immediately took the chance to ask her because I admired her website layout as much as I love her writing style. Her website design had all the criteria that I was looking for. It was classy, chic, clean, comprehensive, functional, and most of all responsive. Bonus na bonus din na she was selling it for a cheaper price. Without batting an eyelash, I told her,"Go na ako!"

Celerhina Aubrey is one of the bloggers that I trust and admire. Siya kasi very honest. What you see is what you get. Walang paliguy-ligoy. Magaan agad ang loob ko sa kanya the first time we met and had brunch together na umabot hanggang hapon. She is straightforward, brutally frank but kind, generous, and easy to deal with. She fixed my website in no time. While doing so, she was so patient in answering my queries. A non-techie like me could really rely on her.

This gorgeous and talented lady designed my website. (Photo credit: Celerhina Aubrey)
My friends and loved ones like the new look of my website. Some of my blogger friends knew who did it while others kept on asking who did it. Some of my blogger friends started to inquire about her services. Then I learned that they were so affordable. Gaganda at magiging responsive ang website ninyo without breaking a bank

Reigning Still, SJ Valdez, Celerhina Aubrey Reyes, All-Around Pinay Mama, Website Designer Philippines, Blogger Website Designer
Tada! My new and improved website design meticulously made by Celerhina Aubrey Reyes.

If you are using Blogger and you're planning to change the design of your website, you may communicate with Celerhina Aubrey through her website, Facebook page, or email address. She also does quality logo, Favicon, and badge design at a very reasonable price. 

Seeing the new look of my website started to take my blues away. Now I feel more inspired to improve my content para bagay naman sa website design. LOL! I still need to edit and update texts and photos of some of my blog entries. To cut the story short, my website is always a work in progress and I am so glad that someone has helped me make it visually enticing and user friendly. I am happy with my new website look. Thanks to Celerhina Aubrey for making me tick one entry on my bucket list.

How do you find my website's new look? Feel free to leave your comment. 

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  1. Aaawww sis! My face is red with kilig and hiya. Baka maghanap sila ng kind wala tayong mapakita. Hahahaha!! :)

    I'm so glad you love your new layout!!! Thank you for being a really great friend!

    1. Hahaha! You have a lot of kindness stored in your good heart, sis. naa-unleash sa tamang sitwasyon at panahon! Kaming mga kaibigan mo alam namin 'yan! Muah! Salamat for making my website not "chaka" anymore. I love it and I love you! Thanks for being a good friend. :)


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