Solvaderm's Stemuderm Review - The Best Anti-Aging Cream for your Skin

April 23, 2018
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Finding it difficult to find the perfect anti-wrinkle cream? With hundreds or thousands of these products on the market, one would think finding the ideal cream would be the easiest thing ever, but that’s not the case. Most brands promise same things and it can be difficult to determine what’s right for you without learning more about each product. To help you out, we’ve evaluated all sorts of anti-wrinkle creams and in this post, we discuss Stemuderm, one of the most popular items of this kind on the market. Scroll down to learn more about it.

What is Stemuderm?

Stemuderm is an anti-aging product that is specifically formulated to address the most common problems of the aging skin. Not only does it minimize the appearance of wrinkles, but it also slows the formation of new ones. At the same time, Stemuderm provides many other benefits that women seek to look youthful and radiant. Honestly, this product is one of a kind due to the fact it can do what many other anti-wrinkle treatments can’t accomplish. The cream is said to provide effects similar to those of Botox but without needless and trips to a dermatologist’s office.

Who makes Stemuderm?

Stemuderm is one of many products made by Solvaderm and chances are high you’ve already heard about this brand on numerous occasions. Solvaderm is one of the most reputable skincare brands on the market mainly because they bring professional strength products to “regular” consumers. The company works with dermatologists and researchers to formulate their creams and other treatments in a way that they will work without providing unwanted effects. Besides anti-wrinkle cream, they also have other products under their belt including eye treatment, moisturizer with SPF, serums, acne treatments, you name it. As this Stemuderm review will show, Solvaderm has a perfectionist approach toward development of their products to ensure they are suitable for everyone.

Who is Stemuderm for?

While many anti-wrinkle creams are suitable for a specific group of women only, Stemuderm stands out as a product that everyone can use. According to the official website, women of all ages can use Stemuderm. The cream is suitable for skin of women in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, and mature skin. In addition, the anti-aging treatment works perfectly regardless of the skin type. Regardless of your skin, whether it’s oily, dry, sensitive or combination, Stemuderm can still exhibit its effects. Yet another proof why it is one of the unique products on the market, Stemuderm also benefits women whose skin is prone to redness. 

How does Stemuderm work?

If you run a Google search to get informed about Stemuderm chances are you’ll come across multiple media websites calling it the best anti-wrinkle cream on the market. That is not a marketing strategy of the brand, but a fact resulting from potent mechanisms this cream takes to help users appear younger. Stemuderm works by targeting facial structures to decrease repetitive contractions and movements that would lead to wrinkles. Regular use of the cream promotes the refortification of extracellular matrix to make your skin firm, smooth, and visibly fuller. Pampers and nourishes the skin in order to minimize the appearance of forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet, frown lines, fine lines around eyes, and laugh lines.

Stemuderm ingredients

While evaluating the cream itself and learning more about it, we were positively surprised to see that Solvaderm provided evidence to support their claims regarding the efficacy of Stemuderm. The evidence is available on the product page under the Clinical Research section. The effectiveness of this anti-aging treatment isn’t a happy accident, but a result of a potent formula containing potent peptides and other active compounds. The formula contains:

Acetyl hexapeptide-8 – disrupts specific pathways to inhibit muscle contractions to reduce the appearance of wrinkles 

Dipeptide diaminobutyroyl benzylamide diacetate – acts in a similar fashion like snake venom, but it is entirely safe and contains no poison whatsoever. Reduces appearance and formation of wrinkles that are generally caused by repetitive movements

Acetyl glutamyl heptapeptide-1 – disrupts the proteins that carry messages and interrupt the pathways that lead to muscle contractions

Palmitoyl oligopeptide – improves skin’s elasticity

Matrixyl 3000 – stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid and elastin 

Malus domestica fruit cell culture – the vital component of Stemuderm, protects stem cells found in your skin, extends cell cycle, rejuvenates skin

Jojoba seed oil – acts as a nourishing moisturizer, curbs excess sebum production 

Apricot kernel oil – promotes optimal moisture balance

Squalane – improves texture and appearance of skin

Hyaluronic acid – hydrates your skin

Stemuderm side effects

What makes Stemuderm stand out from other anti-wrinkle creams and skincare products is the fact it is safe to use. The cream doesn’t induce side effects and is perfectly safe for daily use. What’s more, even women who use the product regularly praise it for its safety. 

How to apply Stemuderm

Stemuderm, like other anti-wrinkle creams, is easy to apply. Cleanse your face with a powerful, but gentle cleanser and pat it dry with a towel (don’t rub). Apply Stemuderm on your face, neck, and d├ęcolletage by lightly massaging the skin with circular motions. Make the cream a part of your daily skincare regimen by applying it in the morning and before bedtime. Bearing in mind that skin needs some time to adjust to new products, Solvaderm recommends using it every other day for a week, then on a daily basis from the week two. 

Where to buy Stemuderm

While you may stumble upon some websites that claim they sell Stemuderm, the safest way to purchase is to get it from the official website. That way, you’re confident the product is real and not fake. The product comes at a price of $79.99, but buying from the official website of Solvaderm also allows you to get it for 20% lower price with a discount code SAVE20. Another perk of buying Stemuderm from the official site is that you are eligible for a refund if you happen not to like the product. Solvaderm provides a 60-day money back guarantee. 

Final verdict

After a thorough evaluation of the product, it is easy to conclude that Stemuderm is a reliable and effective product. Regular use of the cream can make you appear youthful without side effects and expensive treatments. It’s wonderful that women have the option to get Botox-like effects without, actually, getting Botox. The efficacy of the cream is a result of a scientific approach to skincare, which is always a plus.

Written by:
Evlin Symon 

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