#AAPMfavorites: Pine-Sol Lavender

May 21, 2018
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I am a type of person who stays loyal to a product and has a tendency not to look for other alternatives especially when I find it reliable and effective. A product that has those two qualities is a type of product that I can't live without. Sometimes it only takes someone to convince me to try a new product. Most often, new product discoveries happen when they are given as gifts. 

One of those products that was introduced to me that I became attached with was Pine-Sol Lavender. I am using it for three years. 

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#AAPMfavorites: Pine-Sol Lavender

Obviously, it's one of my most favorite cleaning aids due to the following reasons:

- It's non-corrosive. It doesn't cause any irritation to my hands or damage on surfaces.

- It's economical. Only a small amount is needed to remove stubborn stains, grout, dirt, and oil on tiles, floors, and other surfaces.

- It's affordable. There are three sizes available that suit every budget.

- It's safe. The formula doesn't leave any sticky or slippery residue that can cause accidents.

- It's environment-friendly. It's made with ingredients that don't harm the environment.

- It's so easy to use. It removes dirt quickly and can be used concentrated or diluted depending on its purpose or my personal preference. 

- It's refreshing. It makes your home or office smell clean and really, really good for hours. 

- It's effective.  Our house stays clean longer. Dirt doesn't stick to the surfaces quickly. The absence of grout in our bathroom stays for days while our floor stays clean and non-sticky for hours.

I love everything about Pine-Sol Lavender except for its packaging. For me, the container is the only flaw that needs to be improved because it looks like a beverage bottle that makes it enticing for kids. That's the reason why I always keep it out of Bunso's reach. Nevertheless, I highly recommend it because it can aid in your cleaning needs. 

What is the cleaning aid that you can't live without? Feel free to share.

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