Block Out Deodorant Soap is Perfect as Facial Soap Too!

May 14, 2018
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One early morning when I was still half awake, I forced myself to go to the washroom to pee. It was dark. The kitchen light was the only one turned on. As I switched on the washroom light, my sleepiness literally vanished when I saw my face in the mirror. It was beaming, flawless, and fair as if I was wearing a matte foundation. Then I remembered that I used a black soap that I just pulled out of the closet before I went to bed. 

To tell you frankly, I have a habit of using any soap on my face found in the washroom or kitchen. I am too lazy when it comes to facial care. What matters to me is to make my face clean and moisturized all the time. Good thing is that I am so blessed to have non-sensitive and acne prone facial skin. 

I am not exaggerating when I say that my face becomes whiter and fairer when I use that special black soap. That awesome soap is very uncommon like its name, Block Out Deodorant Soap. It's intended to be used for the body since it's an odor fighting and antibacterial soap. But then again, due to the wonders that it does to may facial skin, Block Out Deodorant Soap is therefore perfect as  facial soap too!

Block Out Deodorant Soap is a local brand manufactured by International Pharmaceuticals, Inc. in Cebu, City and distributed by its sister company, Beautiful Horizon Incorporated. International Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is the maker of Omega Pain Killer, Casino Rubbing Alcohol, Dr. Wong's Sulfur Soap, Bioderm, Broncho Rub, Efficascent Oil, and more popular health and wellness products.
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I am surprised that Block Out Deodorant Soap is not easily seen on Google. The reason why I use this photo that I've taken from Beautiful Horizons Inc.- Marikina Facebook Page is because I've thrown the box of our Block Out Deodorant Soap already. The soap is black in color due to the Natural Bamboo Charcoal content. It costs Php99.00.

Block Out Deodorant Soap is made of Natural Bamboo Charcoal and Peppermint Oil as the main ingredients. It provides the following benefits:

- Helps deodorize and prevent body odor
- Provides deep exfoliation
- Effectively cleanses and unclogs blocked pores
- Aids in the absorption of dirt and removal of excessive grease.

The Natural Bamboo Charcoal is the one that promotes an excellent absorption properties that effectively deodorizes and removes dirt, impurities, and excessive grease. Peppermint Oil gives a fresh, minty, and invigorating aroma. It also gives a light cooling effect as I lather the soap on my face. Since it's summer and the weather is extremely hot and humid, I experience excessive facial oil production. Block Out Deodorant Soap makes my face not oily for hours. My pores become cleaner and smaller. In line with this, due to my very busy schedule, I have the tendency to forget using my favorite nose pack to remove whiteheads, which is my perennial problem actually. Block Out Deodorant Soap is really doing its job well because it unclogs my pores quickly, reducing the presence of whiteheads to 40% in just two days. Using it initially for two days, twice daily, it has made a drastic improvement on my facial skin, and of course, on my entire body as well. To sum it all up, Block Out Deodorant Soap is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! It's also economical because it goes a long way. Just a few strokes on the palm of my hands, it creates a great lather and the soap itself doesn't melt easily. I highly recommend it. 

It was such a heaven sent! It was given to Paps as a Christmas present last year. The one that we are using is almost gone. I feel sad because I can't find it in our favorite drugstore and supermarket. I checked out Google and found out that it could be purchased via direct selling through official Beautiful Horizons Inc. Distribution Centers and sellers nationwide or via sellers in Shopee or Ebay.  I hope that it's available on drugstores and supermarkets.

Block Out Deodorant Soap is so perfect as a facial soap and I wonder why it's underrated. 

What is your favorite soap as of now? Why do you love it?

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