Applying for Philippine Postal ID is Quick and Easy

May 08, 2018
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I know that you will agree that is feels frustrating to be rejected on different transactions here in the Philippines because every institution or business entity requires you to have a valid primary identification card (ID). 

If you are not working and doesn't have a license like the ones issued by Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) and Land Transportation Office (LTO), you still need to have a primary ID with you.

Philippine Postal ID or PHLpost ID is considered as a primary ID here in the Philippines. Aside from using it as a primary ID to do your transactions, you can use it to get discounts, freebies, services, and exclusive deals at different partner merchants across the country. 

Applying for Philippine Postal ID is quick and easy! (Courtesy:

Do you know that it is so quick and easy to get your own? It will only take you less than 20 minutes granted that you bring all the necessary requirements with you when you apply. You can apply it via any PHLpost Branch or Extension Office near you. But I recommend that you apply in SM City Manila (located in 5th Floor) if you are near the place. The transaction there is so fast, easy, and hassle-free. The staff is very nice and accommodating too.

What are the steps and requirements needed?

The following are the basic requirements:

Birth Certificate issued by National Statistics Office (NSO)
Government issued ID like valid passport or driver's license, GSIS or SSS UMID card
Certificate of Marriage (for married female)
Barangay Clearance 
Filled-up Philpost ID Application form downloadable from
Application Fee: Php504.00

* When applying for a Barangay Clearance, you have to bring a proof of billing with your name and address written on it or Proof of Residency when you live in a condominium of townhouse. Your Voter's ID is another proof of residency, as long as you vote in the barangay where you live. It only takes you a few minutes to apply for this. I suggest that you go to your Barangay Hall early to finish your transaction quickly. If I remember it right, I only paid Php35.00 for this. 

*Bring the photocopy of proofs of identity/address for submission and original copies  for verification purposes.

Having proofs of your identity with you when you apply is very important. If you don't have the following primary proofs of identity: passport, PRC ID, or Driver's License, you must have a copy of Birth Certificate issued by NSO. If still you don't have a birth certificate or any government issued ID, you have to bring any of the following to prove your address and identity: Baptismal Certificate, Confirmation Certificate, Transcript of Records, Elementary or High School Form, School ID, Alumni ID, Work ID, Credit Card Statement, Water Bill, Electric Bill, or any proof of billing that is named under you.

Why do I recommend downloading, printing, and filling-up the form before you go to any PHLpost Branch or Extension Office and have your requirements photocopied ahead of time? It will save you more time. That's the main reason. 

Applying for Philippine Postal ID is quick and easy! If your requirements are ready, it can take you less than 20 minutes to apply and have your photo and biometrics taken when the line is not that long. The ID is delivered by mail within 10 to 15 working days. In case it doesn't arrive on time, follow it up in your City's PHLpost Central Office only.

Philippine Postal ID is valid for three years. 

For more information visit and watch this video.

Have you experienced applying for a Phlippine Postal ID? If yes, how was it?

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  1. Gusto ko po magkaroon niyan madam.. May validity po ba ang postal id madam?

    1. Mars, valid ito for three years. :)

    2. Maganda ang Postal ID kasi pwede rin natin itong gawing primary ID sa pag-apply or renew ng passport natin, Mars. :)

  2. Glad to read this SJ, I need another ID as alternative to my SSS ID and it's good na good for 3 years sya. Pero sana wala nalang expiry no :-)

    1. Thanks, Mommy Lanie! Okay na rin at sulit na rin ang three years. Isipin na lang natin na malaking tulong din sa PHLpost ang revenue na makukuha sa Postal ID application. :)

  3. Our community will set-up a postal ID application here in our condo next week and I have been contemplating if I should get one. It's a little pricey kasi.

    1. Apply na! Gamit na gamit ko siya sa bank at sa lahat ng transactions ko na kailangan ng goverment ID, besh! Sulit na sulit siya at ang ganda-ganda ko sa photo! May magic ang camera at lighting nila! Hahaha! Ito na yata ang pinakamaganda kong ID to date!


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