Preventing Armpit Odor

June 21, 2018
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When I was very young, I began to be conscious of my body image at age 10. I heard my friends talking about menstruation, baby bra, pubic hair (Yes, they were talking about it.), spray net, body mists, and deodorants. I was so hesitant to ask my mom about that stuff. All I remember was she taught me to use Avon's Feeling Fresh Deodorant after taking a bath or shower because I was complaining that "Tawas", the antiperspirant/deodorant recommended by my grandmother, made my armpits sweaty and sticky. "Feeling Fesh" became my best partner in keeping myself free from body and armpit odor aside from using an antibacterial soap, Safeguard, to wash my body, and Palmolive Shampoo to wash my hair. These three products worked for my body chemistry and helped me to become free from body odor especially armpit odor at a very young age. That's why when I became a mom, I did the same thing with my boys. Like my mom did, starting them young worked.

Kuya and Bunso would easily get sweaty and their armpits would smell stinky or "maasim" when they reached the age of three. Paps and I encouraged them to use Arm and Hammer Deodorant after taking a bath using Safeguard Pink because after trying and testing, we discovered that these two brands suited their body chemistry. They would always stay fresh for the whole day. During that time when Arm & Hammer Advance Original would easily go out of stock, I would let them use Milcu Underarm & Foot Deodorant Powder, which they would usually apply on their feet before putting their shoes on.

All-Around Pinay Mama, Preventing Armpit Odor, Ask AAPM, SJ Valdez
Preventing Armpit Odor
Our family uses Arm & Hammer Advance Original and Milcu Underarm & Foot Deodorant Powder as deodorants for years. Why? They are safe to use, easy to find (Arm & Hammer doesn't go out of stock anymore.), versatile, don't stain clothing, keep the armpits dry and fresh-smelling, and protects the armpits from bacteria build-up and odor for 24 hours.

Instilling good grooming and hygiene in all forms should be done during our kids' formative years. Reminding them constantly and teaching by example are two of the best means to educate kids on practicing good grooming and hygiene. In doing so, they can never forget the importance of keeping themselves clean, neat, and well-groomed. Forming a habit can lead to better body image projection and not feeling inferior.

The contents of this article were lifted from my messages to two teenage boys who asked me about my recommended deodorant brands a few years ago. To know some details about it, you may visit #AskAAPM for details.

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All-Around Pinay Mama, Preventing Armpit Odor, Ask AAPM, SJ Valdez

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  1. Thanks to your recommendation, Baby I is using Milcu for his sweaty feet :)


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