Just Because Radiant Skin Matters

October 04, 2018
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Just because radiant skin matters, most women nowadays are looking for the best whitening hand and body cream available in the market that helps whiten the skin effectively, protects it from the harmful rays of the sun, eliminates dark spots, aids in skin exfoliation and renewal, and penetrates quickly into the skin layers to keep it softer, smoother, and glowing! Aside from the above-mentioned benefits, they also consider the safety and scent of the product, 'yong tipong hindi ka matatakot na ipahid sa katawan mo ang produkto at magiging kaaya-aya ang amoy mo kapag ginamit mo ito.

That's why when I got a tube of Prima Radiance White Hand & Body Cream, I was so excited to try and test it.

Prima Radiance White Hand & Body Cream, Prima Sassy Belle, Product Review, AAPM Health and Wellness,

Prima Radiance White Hand & Body Cream is manufactured and distributed by the award-winning local company, Prima Sassy Belle Corporation. The company claims that it is the most ideal whitening hand and body cream in the country today and is considered not your typical skin whitening lotion. It functions to MOISTURIZE, WHITEN, and RENEW the skin while PROTECTING it.

It has the following main ingredients:

SPF 50- It protects the skin from the sun's harmful rays.

Vitamin B3- Also known as Niacinamide, it heals acne and reduces uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation.

Rosehip Oil- It is known to be a skin miracle oil that corrects dark spots, reduces scars and fine lines, and hydrates dry, itchy skin.

Kojic Acid- It lightens or whitens dark spots and discoloration by penetrating on the topmost layer of the skin to inhibit pigment formation and prevent the formation of tyrosine, an amino acid needed for melanin-production.

Glutathione- It is an antioxidant that is naturally found in human cells that boosts the immune system, detoxifies the body, and neutralizes free radicals. It lightens the skin by converting melanin to a lighter color and deactivates the pigment-producing enzyme, tyrosinase.

Prima Radiance White Hand & Body Cream, Prima Sassy Belle, Product Review, AAPM Health and Wellness,

Sa main ingredients waging-wagi na! Pati packaging winner din! Aside from the thick and classy box sealed with a gold sticker that is very hard to remove by just using my fingers, I really like how it is packed in a durable tube that is so easy to squeeze. Its cap is resealable that's why I don't worry about spills wherever I keep or bring the product. These features are important to me because I know that I am using a product that has not been tampered or can't cause any inconvenince to me.

Prima Radiance White Hand & Body Cream, Prima Sassy Belle, Product Review, AAPM Health and Wellness,
The gold sticker seal stays put and can be removed by using a cutter or pair of scissors only.
Prima Radiance White Hand & Body Cream, Prima Sassy Belle, Product Review, AAPM Health and Wellness,
The box is thick, sturdy, and classy where all the necessary information about the product including what it does, ingredients, manufacturing date, expiration date, manufacturer/distributor's address, and cosmetic number are printed.

Let's go back to the content of the tube itself. The formula is so lightweight and non-greasy when I apply it to my skin. It is quickly absorbed by the skin, making it smoother and softer in no time. Ang bango niya, amoy donya, that's why I don't need to put perfume when I use it. I also notice that by just putting a small amount of the product on my skin is fine kaya alam kong tatagal ang isang tube. Sulit na sulit na ang Php370 for a 120 ml product. It does its job well without breaking the bank! It has no artificial color and that's a plus point for me.

Was it effective? Did it make my skin whiter? I have fair skin but I can attest that my skin hasn't darkened at all despite the fact that I am always out doing errands. My mom always tell me that my skin becomes whiter by the day so I guess that answers the questions. By the way, the scent also stays longer. Kahit mainit, hindi malagkit ang feeling sa skin at mabango pa rin.

Prima Radiance White Hand & Body Cream, Prima Sassy Belle, Product Review, AAPM Health and Wellness,
Prima Radiance White Hand & Body Cream has the right texture and consistency.
If you really want your skin to be whiter and smoother from head to toe, I suggest that you use Prima  3R Set for your face while using Radiance White Hand & Body Cream for your body.

All Prima Sassy Belle products are available online in Lazada PH, www.primasassybelle.net, @primasassybelle on Instagram, and Prima Sassy Belle Corporation on Facebook. You may also inquire via email: primasassybelle@gmail.com.

About Prima Sassy Belle Corporation

PRIMA SASSY BELLE CORPORATION is a 100% Filipino-owned direct-selling company that started in September 2016, a developed establishment that focuses on providing must-have beauty, health and wellness products. Its main headquarters is situated in the city of ParaƱaque. The company operates primarily as a distributor of full-spectrum of products to satisfy every men’s as well as women’s beauty and body goals. The company’s product line varies from slimming coffee, slimming juice, healthy beverages, cosmetics, fragrances, whitening skin care products to satisfy each customer’s desire for achieving beauty inside and out. It takes pride in offering you products with the highest quality in order to aid you to become the finest individual beyond compare. All products possess certificates of product registration. They are also SEC-Registered, FDA-Approved, and HALAL-Certified.

  • 2018 National Customer's Choice
  • 2018 Most Outstanding and Innovative Beauty, Health and Wellness Products Provider
  • 2017 Most Dynamic Health and Beauty Direct Selling Income Opportunity Company
  • 2017 Outstanding Beauty and Lifestyle Products
  • 2017 Global Excellence Awardee 
  • 2016 Top Choice Consumers Awardee
  • 2016 Gold Seal of Quality Awardee
  • 2016 Most Trusted and Fastest Growing Online Direct Selling Company


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