Kids Eat for Free in Bonchon!

November 27, 2018
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Our family seldom goes to the mall or dines out in a restaurant. We are homebodies and enjoy one another's company by chatting, having a movie or Koreanovela marathon, and indulging in home-cooked meals. Aside from being frugal, the reason why dining out or going to a crowded place is the least priority and most of the time, not an option is that Bunso, aside from being autistic, has also sensory perception disorder. He tends to feel stressed when exposed to load sounds. He is very particular with certain food textures that makes him a picky eater. He feels uneasy while staying in a place unfamiliar to him. He is oversensitive with his surroundings. At this point, we are still in a process of waiting. We are waiting patiently for his readiness to be tolerant of his stressors and possess a longer attention span.

Last Saturday, before Paps and our two boys went out they decided to meet me at Bonchon Chicken in the afternoon. Kuya was telling me constantly for the entire week that he was craving for Bonchon Chicken.

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It has been a while since we went out so I gave in. That day was also a chance for me to check if Bunso's behavior in a crowded place has already improved. His love for fried, barbecue, or grilled chicken was already an advantage but I wasn't sure whether he would love Bonchon or not.

To cut the story short, I was very happy because Bunso was able to appreciate Bonchon's ambience and its Kiddie Adventure Meal that was a FREEBIE when we ordered two boxed meals for only Php344 pesos. The serving of that kiddie meal was so huge and perfect for sharing. The juicy and flavorful chicken fillet was cut into bite-size cubes making them easy to eat by kids. It served as a scrumptious topping on the bed of hot steamed rice. Sobrang sarap niya, promise! It so happened that it became our instant favorite. Nasarapan din sina Kuya and Paps nang tikman nila ito.
AAPM Favorites, AAPM Recommends, Activities for Kids, Bonchon Kiddie Adventure Meal, Bonchon Philippines, Food, Product Review, Promo Philippines, All-Around Pinay Mama Blog, SJ Valdez

Moreover, this promo by Bonchon comes with a free activity sheet and crayon to keep the young ones busy while waiting for their food. For the first time, Bunso stayed calm and quiet while patiently and diligently answering the activity sheet. The set of activities there was just enough to keep Bunso busy until our food was completely served. Answering and coloring it kept him calm and felt at ease with his environment. For the very first time, he didn't insist to go out of the restaurant immediately. It was also an opportunity for him and his Kuya to bond. Enjoying good food while building a strong family relationship and developing Bunso's fine motor skills, 'yan ang resulta ng pagkain namin sa Bonchon!

Kung ganito kasaya at kasarap ang pakiramdam ng mabusog at maging perfect ang moments with the family without breaking the bank, mauulit lagi ang pagbisita namin sa Bonchon Philippines especially that the promo is extended until November 30, 2018. We were able to witness Bunso's milestones by just availing the promo. We discovered a new delicious meal that both kids and adults could enjoy, learned that by doing a kiddie activity sheet while waiting for our food could calm Bunso down, and of course, Bonchon's great service and ambience could cater to a kid with special needs pala. 

Friends, I invite you to try Bonchon's KIDS EAT FOR FREE Promo. It runs until November 30, 2018 ha? Watch the video below to learn more about the promo.

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Kayo, what is your memorable Bonchon moments with your family?

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