Desserts Made More Special with Mr. Hat Gulaman

May 26, 2019
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Bunso has been dealing with Mild Autism Spectrum Disorder for the last four years. Having habits that linger or recurrent is part of his condition. We have already accepted that. What Paps and I hope and pray is that he may continue to improve as he enjoys his life every day. 

As days pass, we discover little by little his love for cooking. I know that it is an answered prayer. Paps and I would always say when we converse about Bunso, "We hope that he continues to be functional. We hope that one day, he can discover the passion that he wants to focus on, something that he can do for a living. So that when the day comes that we are no longer here in this world, he will not be a burden to his brother and he will live independently and happily."

Cooking particularly making desserts is what Bunso likes to do best. He feels giddy whenever we give him a chance to watch his favorite YouTuber, Kusina Chef. He would imitate her as she talks while imagining himself making desserts on his own. He would tell us that he is going to crack and beat the eggs, mix the ingredients, or assemble them all by himself whenever Paps or I cook. 

So when the Mr. Hat Gulaman gift pack arrived right on our doorstep, he was really very excited probably because he saw this particular brand in Kusina Chef's YouTube channel and he couldn't wait to use them himself!

He couldn't contain himself when I told him that he would be making his own desserts using Mr. Hat Gulaman. He was so excited doing all the processes--- from buying ingredients up to the taste test with a little assistance from me, of course, especially in the steps where using sharp objects were required. I asked him what desserts he would like to prepare. He told me that he would love to do Mango Float and Strawberry Ice Cream. I requested him to prepare Peach-Mango Float.

Here are the recipes.

Mr. Hat Gulaman Mango Float and Peach-Mango Float

Mr. Hat Gulaman Recipe, Mr. Hat Gulaman Price, Mr. Hat Gulaman, Mr. Hat Gulaman Manufacturer, Food, Easy Gulaman Recipes, Easy Recipes, SJ Valdez, All-Around Pinay Mama blog


1 can Condensed milk (300 ml) 
2 packs of 250ml all-purpose cream 
2 packs of 220 grams Graham Crackers 4 pieces sweet mangoes, sliced 
2-3 cups of crushed graham crackers 

Additional Ingredient:

Mr. Hat Gulaman Mango Jelly Powder
This ingredient made the Mango Float more sturdy. The cream won't run easily too.


1. In a bowl combine cream, condensed milk, and about three tablespoons of jelly powder dissolved in a little cream; mix until well incorporated. 
2. Cover and place it inside the freezer for 45 minutes to 1 hour. The texture should be thick. 
3. In a deep dish or deep container arrange the graham crackers. Spread 1/2 cup cream mixture; arrange the mangoes on the of the cream and repeat the steps for the second layer. and cover it with crushed graham crackers. 
4. Decorate it, cover with plastic wrapper, and chill overnight.

(Recipe Source: Kusina Chef on YouTube)

The video below served his inspiration in creating his very own Mango Float:

For the Peach-Mango Float, we followed the same recipe and procedure but we lacked mangoes so the Mr. Hat Gulaman Mango Jelly Powder served as a substitute for them. We used canned sliced peaches.

Mr. Hat Gulaman Recipe, Mr. Hat Gulaman Price, Mr. Hat Gulaman, Mr. Hat Gulaman Manufacturer, Food, Easy Gulaman Recipes, Easy Recipes, SJ Valdez, All-Around Pinay Mama blog

Mr. Hat Gulaman Strawberry Gelato

We used Kusina Chef's Oreo Ice Cream Recipe as an inspiration for this. 


300 ml whipping cream 
1/2 can of condensed milk 
1 tbsp vanilla 
3 pcs. Oreo, crushed 


1. In a mixing bowl combine the whipping cream, condensed milk, and vanilla. 
2. Whip it until nice and thick. 
3. Fold Oreo into the whipped cream. 
4. Transfer the mixture to a freezer-safe container. 
5. Optional: Cover with a plastic wrap. 
6. Cover the container with the lid. 
7. Place it inside the freezer overnight. 
8. Enjoy!

Instead of crushed Oreos, we used one pack of  SM Bonus Frozen Strawberry. Before making it into a puree, I boiled it first in a cup of water and added one pack of Mr. Hat Gulaman Strawberry Jelly Powder. We omitted the vanilla and added extra tablespoons of condensed milk to lessen the sourness of the strawberry. 

Mr. Hat Gulaman Recipe, Mr. Hat Gulaman Price, Mr. Hat Gulaman, Mr. Hat Gulaman Manufacturer, Food, Easy Gulaman Recipes, Easy Recipes, SJ Valdez, All-Around Pinay Mama blog

It was obvious that Bunso had fun creating his own desserts using Mr. Hat Gulaman Jelly Powder as much as he loved eating them. 

What we like about Mr. Hat Gulaman Jelly Powder especially the flavored ones is that they taste like real fruits which is advantageous because they can enhance the good flavor of any dessert that we make. The brand is also available in leading supermarkets, malls, groceries, and sari-sari stores nationwide in a very affordable price kaya madali siyang mabili kahit kailan mo siya kailangan.  

We still have more Mr. Hat Gulaman here at home and we would like to share one (1) gift pack with 50 assorted variants to one (1) lucky AAPM Reader. All you have to do is to follow these easy steps.

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I will announce the winner on June 17, 2019 via my Facebook Page and she/he will be notified through a Facebook private message on the same day. Yours truly will be responsible in shipping the prize to the winner. Thank you very much and good luck!

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  1. Wow.. I want to try the COFFEE JELLY and the Mr. Hat Gulaman Mango Float.

  2. I'm planning to make mango sago jelly dessert using mr. Hat gulaman

  3. I will make coffee jelly using mr. Hat gulaman. So yummy!

  4. I will make a buko pandan salad using mr. Hat gulaman because i know it's perfect for making gulaman for any kinds of desserts

    1. Indeed, Adelfa! Ang Mr. Hat Gulaman kasi na flavored jelly powder ay napakasarap at natural ang lasa. Nae-enhance pa niya ang lasa ng ipe-prepare mong dessert. Ang Buko Pandan Salad na ipe-prepare mo siguradong mas magiging masarap pa dahil sa Mr. Hat Gulaman!

  5. I want to make pineapple gello and of course I'll be using mr. Hat gulaman.

    1. Oy, Mr. Paul! Kumusta na? Nasubukan na namin yan. Magiging maganda ang consistency and flavor using Mr. Hat Gulaman! Tried and tested na.

  6. I'm going to make black gulaman for a delicious and refreshing drink that my family will enjoy

    1. Na-miss ko tuloy gumawa ng black gulaman, Babeth!

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    never pa nmin tong nagwa sana plarin❤️❤️❤️

  13. I am planning to make a Strawberry Gelato for my daughter๐Ÿ’•It would be a yummy treat for us.

  14. I'm planning to make jelly flan. Favorite ng baby ko. Good thing kapag flavored kasi hindi nakakaumay ang lasa. Mr.Hat din ang trusted brand ko when it comes to jelly desserts :)

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