Why is Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid My Top Choice?

May 26, 2019
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When I discovered Bubble Man a few years ago, hindi na siya nawala sa list ng top dishwashing brands na paborito ko. Kasi naman, first time kong na-experience na maghugas ng pinggan na hindi sumakit ang kamay ko at ang bilis kong natapos.

Ang sarap talagang "mag-urong" at maglinis gamit ang Bubble Man! Ayos!

Let me refresh you why I love this dishwashing liquid brand that exceeded my expectations.

Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid is a highly effective kitchen, food premises cleaner, and degreaser that is safe on virtually all surface (plastics, metal surfaces, ceramics, etc). It has long-lasting bubbles to help reduce sink water changeover. It is effective even at 3% dilution. 

It's easy to rinse so it's safe. It leaves no soapy residue. It's gentle on hands, doesn't remove the natural oils from your skin and doesn't cause irritation and dryness to your skin compared to other harsh formulations.

The chemicals used formulating Bubble Man are non-toxic, non-flammable, 90+% are biodegradable, contents are FREE of SODIUM HYDROXIDE and PHOSPHATE.

***Sodium hydroxide is used to balance the pH of the formulation, however, it causes irritability for your hands and extreme dryness. Sodium hydroxide is used usually for cheaper chemicals. 

***STPP (Sodium tripolyphosphate) is a cheaper chemical but is banned in many countries because of its harmful effects on our environment. 

Ang daming variants na pagpipilian like Kalamansi, Antibac, Lemon. Antibac is my most favorite,

Its pH VALUE 8.5 +/- 0.5, thus it is gentle on hands. Pwede mo nga rin siyang gamiting sabon sa kamay at katawan. Ang kids ko hindi nagkakaroon ng irritations sa hands kapag ginagamit nila ito as hand soap or panghugas ng pinggan.

It is completely soluble in water so talagang walang residue na naiiwan sa surfaces at dishes.

There are three different sizes to choose from based on your preference and budget. It's three times cheaper than the leading brand. By the way, its packaged on PET bottles, PET-12, guaranteed safe and easy to squeeze.

Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid has high quality and effective formulation that is environment and user-friendly. It's tough on grease and dirt but very gentle on hands. It's water soluble and easy to rinse, thus it possesses "Zero Waste Principle"- zero water waste, zero solid waste. All articles are odor-free, grease or dirt-free, and sparkly clean after washing and rinsing! The absence of harmful ingredients makes me confident that my family is safe while using it. It's very effective even when used in small amounts. It doesn't smell rancid when the soap solution is left unused for hours. I find it cost effective too because it is way, way cheaper than the leading brand. The packaging is very nice, sleek, neat, and informative where all the details about the product are written.

Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid is very easy to find. You may purchase it in Mercury Drug Stores, Puregold, Gaisano Mall, Gaisano Mall, San Roque Supermarket (SRS), Walter Mart, Fisher Mall, Robinsons Supermarket, LCC Department Store, and The Landmark. It's also available online un Lazada PH and Bubble Man Facebook Page. I highly recommend this product! Through the years din hindi nagbago ang kanyang quality kaya love na love ko talaga ito! 

To sum it all up, love na love ko ang Bubble Man kasi...
👍 tough on grease, dirt, and food remnants but very gentle on hands
👍 concentrated- konti lang ang kailangan to make a potent soap solution
👍 health and environment-friendly- made from safe and gentle ingredients, biodegradable siya
👍 economical- matipid gamitin, madaling banlawan, at affordable
👍 available sa leading supermarkets nationwide kaya madaling hanapin
👍 madaling pisilin ang matibay na bottle kung saan nakalagay rin ang complete product details
👍 proudly Philippine-made

Wait, there's more! Do you know that aside from vinegar, Bubble Man is my top household cleaning partner because it removes dirt and oil easily? I use it to clean our floor, bathroom, and literally, almost anything in our home. Here's how: 

Photo Credit: Later Jay Photography from Pixabay 

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  1. nakagamit narin ako nito at yes concentrated siya at tough on grease kaya mabilis din natapos ako. ❤️

  2. Never pa na try..hanapin ko yan bukas sa grocery..thankie sa infos..


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