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December 30, 2019
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I may say that I am not too vain. I am not very particular with the latest trends in beauty and fashion.  I sport a low maintenance haircut. I am a classic dresser. I am minimal. As long as my body and clothes are clean and descent, I am good to go. I do my own pampering at home as well. I am in my midlife years but I haven't experienced visiting a dermatologist or aesthetic center for facial treatments. It shows that I am comfortable with my own skin although some people may think that I am too lazy. Well, I don't mind at all when people tease me due to my frugal choices. I don't even mind if I have scars and stretch marks on my body because I believe that they are part of living. 

Talking about "physical or body scars" that are visible to the naked eye, I have plenty. I have friends who are conscious of having those that's why they make sure to treat them until they disappear. I haven't thought of doing so until a friend of mine encouraged me to try using Contractubex. She said that I should not be scared of trying the said brand because it works well in removing her scars and it's safe. The notion just slipped my mind until finally, I had the chance to try it myself when Contractubex sent me a gift. Amazing, isn't it?

I have received an ointment and patch version of Contractubex together with the product collaterals, which are very helpful because, of course, who would want to use a product without learning about its properties? I am very particular with the safety of the products that I try and use above all its efficacy and price. These are the things that I've learned that have prompted me to use it with confidence:

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1. Contractubex Gel

Active Ingredients:

Cepalin Extract (Onion Base)- 10 grams
Heparin (used to treat and prevent blood clots)- 5000 IU
Allantoin (usually found in cosmetic products; promotes moisture)- 1gram

Gel available in 10 grams (SRP Php600) and 20 grams (SRP Php990) 

Channels Available:
Mercury Drug, Watsons, Rose Pharmacy, Southstar Drug, and other drugstores nationwide under OTC (over the counter) status. It can be purchased online through Contractubex Philippines Facebook Page.

How do the active ingredients work on the scars?

When the three active ingredients are combined, they are considered to be the "Tri Total Recovery with Three Hard Workers". They serve as an anti-inflammatory, anti-proliferative, anti-bacterial, regenerative, promotes wound healing, stimulates keratin production, increases skin permeability, softens collagen structure, inhibits fibroblast proliferation, relieves itching, and moisturizing. 

Where can we use Contractubex Gel?

Contractubex Gel is indicated for hypertrophic scars and keloids, movement restricting and optically disfiguring scars after surgery, amputations, burns or accidents, contractures (shortening of muscles due to excessive fibroblasts), and cicatricial strictures. 

How is Contractubex Gel applied?

It is highly recommended to start treatment as soon as the wound is closed and Contractubex should be applied correctly for best results. For new scars, apply Contractubex two to three times daily for at least three months while for older scars, it should be applied three times daily for at least six months. Using a compression plaster may improve its efficacy.

1. Apply only to wounds that are already closed or upon suture removal.
2. Start at the center and work towards the edges, massaging the gel gently into the scar.
3. Continue with a small circular motion until Contractubex is completely absorbed.

The question is, is it effective? The answer is a big YES!

I saw a huge difference in my small old scar (keloid) in my finger in just 5 days! It became thinner and smaller although I guess the scar removal would depend on the size and depth of the scar. In my case, it worked so quickly without feeling any discomfort or itchiness.

Contractubex Review, Scars, Keloids, AAPM Health and Wellness, Product Review, Contractubex Overnight Intensive Patch, Scar Treatment, SJ Valdez, All-Around Pinay Mama blog

It is non-sticky, smells great, has an awesome cooling effect which I really, really like. It may look or sound pricey but a thin film is only needed per application so a small tube would thrive longer. Awesome!

2. Contractubex Overnight Intensive Patch (OIP)

The active ingredients of this product are like its gel counterpart except for Heparin. SRP per patch is Php157 while SRP per pack of 21 patches costs Php3,290. It is available in selected Watsons branches nationwide or online via Contractubex Philippines Facebook Page and Lazada PH. It is under Medical Device Status. 

- Dimension: 12 cm x 3 cm
- Acrylate based adhesive
- Polyolefin packaging foam
- Shelf-life: 36 months
- 21 patches per pack

Where can we use Contractubex Overnight Intensive Patch?
It is recommended for new scars, post-surgery scars, or fresh scars after incisions (post-surgical scarring prevention). It must be applied right after wound closure or after the suture has been removed. It protects the immature, sensitive tissue during the first weeks. It is best used by convenience-oriented patients (once-daily application overnight), where continuation with the patch till the end of treatment is advised (three months or 12 weeks).

How is Contractubex Overnight Intensive Patch applied?

1. Thoroughly wash and dry the scar area. Make sure the wound is completely closed and the skin is intact.
2. Peel off the transparent backing of the adhesive side of the patch.
3. Apply the patch so that the scar is completely covered.
4. For a smaller scar, the patch may be cut to size using a clean pair of scissors. Cut before peeling the transparent backing.
5. For larger scars, apply patches side by side.
6. Keep the patch in place for a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 12 hours overnight.
7. The patch is not reusable.
8. Use daily for three to six months or witch to Contractubex Gel after three months and complete the treatment for six months.

It is easy to apply, waterproof, can be cut into small pieces according to scar size, and clinically tested safe and effective in scar management.

I haven't tried using the OIP yet but I will choose one of most deserving reader to try it together with the Contractubex Gel through a Facebook Giveaway.

Here are the steps to join:

1. Like All-Around Pinay Mama on Facebook.

2. Like Contractubex Philippines on Facebook.

3. Comment on this post by answering the question "Why do you need Contractubex Gel and Overnight Intensive Patch?" plus leave your Facebook Name and URL.

Example: I need Contractubex Gel and Overnight Intensive Patch because...
                Juan De La Cruz

The winner will be chosen and announced on February 14, 2020. 

Yours truly will check if the participants followed all the steps. Only those participants who completed all steps will be eligible or qualified. My son and husband will read the qualified participants' comments and they will choose the best answer. 

This giveaway is open to residents of the Philippines only. The winner will get a 20-gram tube of Contractubex Gel worth Php990 and three Contractubex Overnight Intensive Patch worth Php471 or a total of Php1,461 worth of Contractrubex products. The shipping fee will be shouldered by yours truly.

Contractubex Review, Scars, Keloids, AAPM Health and Wellness, Product Review, Contractubex Overnight Intensive Patch, Scar Treatment, SJ Valdez, All-Around Pinay Mama blog

God bless and good luck!

Have you tried using Contractubex? If not yet, try it and feel its efficacy yourself! 

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  1. FB: Emcel Fajardo
    Nagustuhan ko ang review sa contractubex at gusto ko siya para sa scar ng cs ko mabawasan man lang at mga stretch mark.

  2. OMG!!! I badly need Contractubex and Overnight Intensive Patch because I have a big scar on my leg. Napaso kase ako ng tambutso ng motor namin ��. It was due to a minor accident at naka move on na ako sa nangyari. Ang di ako maka move on ay ang naiwang peklat na palaging nagpapaalala sa akin na kahit anong pilit ko kalimutan ay pilit pa ring bumabalik sa alaala ko dahil palagi ko nakikita ang peklat na yon. �� Gusto ko na maka fully move on at alam ko matutulungan ako Contractubex. Salamat. ��

  3. I’d love and trusted contractubex because it is more promising than promises ng jowa mo. Kidding aside, helps heal scars and help regain self-confidence for us Moms to get on and move on with our everyday lives. Confident Moms grow confident offsprings.

    Thanks Contractubex and thanks all around pinay mama.

  4. I need Contracubex Gel and Overnight Intensive Patch because my 2 brothers have keloids on their chest and we noticed that it grow bigger and If ever I win I will give it to them to remove those keloids.

    Aidelyn F. Fajilan

  5. I need contractubex gel and patch because since I was young I have so many scars in my legs because when I was 2 years old I'm accident pulling down on a dirty canal then I diagnose my blood is infection and the effect of that my skin is have so many skin disease and now I have still scars in my skin and sometime have still a skin disease and so hard to erace my scars after that heal so I love to win this and hoping my scars gone

    Fb nikkie BP rosales
    Ig nikkiepepito

  6. I really love to try this contractubex gel and patch because have so many reviews about this products specially I have so many scars in my legs from my childhood disease and have kelloids in my arm from the scratch of my pet hope I win this

    Ig nikkieberroya
    Fb nikkie berroya

  7. I really need contractubex gel and overnight intensive patch because I have a lot of scars in my legs because of my blood infection because when I was a child I'm pulling down on a dirty canal that's why cause of my infection of my blood that's why my skin so many skin disease then leave so many scars after they heal I have so many tried products that erace my scars but still they hopefully this contractubex helps me hope to win this

    Fb nikkie berroya

  8. I kindly need this contractubex gel and overnight intensive patch because after giving birth of my first child two years ago my stretch in my belly , tummy around hips are still visible until even if I use a lot of lotion I really love to try contractubex if they really effective because I have a lot of good reviews that's contractubex is totally helps many diff. Kind of scars hope I'm win

    Fb bhev tatad

  9. I love continuesly use contractubex gel and overnight intensive patch that's why I love to win I already see what a wonderful effect of contractubex to me and to my husband I have a big kelloids in my legs and toe and I have a lot of scars eracer I use but doesn't gone my kelloids or scars and one day my friend ask me try to use contractubex then I buy it , almost counting weeks i see a big results my big scars or kelloids is seenly flattened and I'm so happy my for that also my husband scars in his arms is fastly faded 😍😍😍 I love to win for more better results hopefully soon it's totally gone

    Fb vivian pepanio

  10. I nid contractubex patch. For my tattoo keloid woried n po aq sobra..btt wla po aqng mktang store n availabke xa bt po gnun kelangan q po un..plz help naman po thnks

  11. I need contractubex gel and overnight intensive patch because i have a new scar from my c-section. Alam ko na contractubex lang ang makakabalik ng confidence ko para maka pag suot uli ng crop top and two piece...
    At marami din po ako piklat dahil sa pagiging clumsy q during my pregnancy.

    Fb: jhen EDR


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