December 26, 2019
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When all family members are swamped with school and work-related tasks, my husband and I find it difficult to follow our usual dating/parenting routines with each of our kids. It's been ages since my eldest and I had our date together. I miss it. I miss him. I miss our simple routine of catching-up and getting to know each other more while dining together. I miss the times when we watch a movie or a show together and talk about our reviews after. 

In line with this, I, spending more time with Kuya while Paps is spending more time with Bunso is what we are taking advantage of this holiday season. Then an opportunity to watch "The All-New Grand China Circus" at the Big Dome came. It was indeed an awesome moment to date my dear panganay. He is inclined into performing arts, by the way, that's why I knew that he would enjoy it and he did.

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The ALL-NEW GRAND CHINA ACROBATIC CIRCUS is a heart-stopping show of daring and thrilling performances guaranteed to be a hit among audiences young and old. It features mind-blowing tricks, death-defying acts, graceful choreography loaded with color and excitement deftly presented by internationally renowned and multi-awarded Chinese acrobats from Beijing, China. The China National Acrobatic Troupe has amazed audiences with feats of strength and daring acts performed cleverly, precisely, and accurately, and the ability of retaining balance in motion. Audiences will marvel at the world-class skills of the acrobats as they perform routines of compelling choreography practiced over centuries, making this a perfect show for families to enjoy.

I don't want to be a spoiler to those of you who are planning to watch the show so I would like to share with you a few of our most favorite acts.

1. Gorgeous Girls with Diabolo (Chinese Yo-Yo)
Starring Peking Opera's Huadan (Heroine) in beautifully choreographed diabolo techniques and dances, performers were dressed up in a splendid fashion that playfully teased the eyes of the audience. This gracefully matched the movements of the performers as they skipped and caught diabolos. It was so spectacular! No wonder it won four awards: a) President Award of the 26th International Circus Festival of Tomorrow in France, b) Golden Clown Award of the 37th International Circus of Monte Carlo; c) Gold Award of the 12th Budapest Festival in Hungary, and c) Gold Award of the 1st International Festival of Circus Art on Fontanka in St. Petersberg.

2. The Ninth Wave (Skills on Poles)

This act was inspired by the famous Russian painter Ivan Aivazovsky and his work depicting soldiers braving the angry ocean. I learned that like the Gorgeous Girls with Diabolo, it was also an award-winning performance: a) Golden Chrysanthemum Award of the 10th Chinese Acrobatic Competition, b) Golden Tiger Award of the 4th China International Circus Art Festival, c) Special Award and Silver Award of 34th International Circus of Monte Carlo. This act was heart-stopping and jaw-dropping!
3. Holy Warriors (Stunts through Hoops)

Masterfully tumbling through hoops with a variety of speed, coherence, precision, and dazzling somersaults of actors made the audiences' eyeballs pop! Imagine, the performers defied gravity by tumbling in the tower of hoops as high as three meters! What an outstanding and thrilling performance! It received a Golden Clown Award of the 37th International Circus of Monte Carlo. 

4. Plate Spin

This mesmerizing act composed of singing and dancing of performers while balancing and spinning 10 plates each in their hands. Award received: Golden Lion Award at the 4th China National Acrobatic Festival.

I encourage you to see it yourself with your friends and loved ones to experience the thrill and bliss that Kuya and I felt. Each act may be simple or easy to the eyes but come to think of it, what makes them special and impressive are the discipline, perseverance, tenacity, and hard work that each performer gives from the training up to the day when the troupe performs worldwide.

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Kapag ang mga nanay ay naarawan at nakalabas din ng bahay na hindi errands at work ang gagawin, ito ang kalalabasan talaga! 😂 . Thank you so much @mommybloggersphilippines, @aranetacity, and @thearanetacoliseum for the Christmas treat. We enjoyed our date with our kids. 💖 . The All-new Grand China Acrobatic Circus is a must-watch. Pampamilya talaga. We invite you to watch and see it yourself with your family. Light lang siya at mag-e-enjoy ang lahat! Sobrang galing! 🥰🤩😍 . The show will run from December 25, 2019 until January 4, 2020 at Smart Araneta Coliseum. You may buy tickets at or call 8 911-5555. Super sulit. 💖 . #GrandCircusattheBigDome #AranetaCity #CityofFirsts #aapmevents #mommybloggersph . P.S. Salamat sa mga larawan, beshiewaps @madeitthroughmum. Ramdam ninyo na ba ang ang mga sakit sa kasu-kasuan sa pinaggagagawa nating tatlo nina @momiberlin? #titaproblem 😂
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I invite you to watch this video for more details and where to get tickets. Enjoy the show with your family and friends like we did! 

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