How to Store and Use Pesticides Safely

April 29, 2020
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Mosquitoes are rampant here in the Philippines for all seasons. If precautionary measures like keeping your place clean and free from stagnant water are already done and still you can’t control the mosquitoes coming into your homes due to other factors contributed by the environment, using pesticides is one of the easiest and convenient solutions to solve the problem. The following are the safe ways of storing and using them. 

- Always keep insecticides out of children and pet’s reach. Keep them away from food items, cookware, kitchen utensils, dishes, drinking cups, and toys. 

- Insecticides are flammable. Don’t spray them near the flame, lighted stove, light, electrical appliances, and furnace. 

- Never smoke while using pesticides. 

- Never flush insecticides down the sewers, toilet, or drains. 

- Use the amount of pesticide required for a job when fumigating. 

- Wear rubber gloves for protection when spraying with anything poisonous. 

- Make sure that nobody is inside the room except you when you spray an insecticide. 

- As soon as you’re done spraying insecticide in a room, leave immediately and shut the door tightly for at least half an hour before ventilating it. 

- Never reuse insecticide containers. Wrap them in brown paper bags or newspapers and dispose of properly. 

- Never use food and beverage containers in storing or transferring pesticides. 

- Chemically pest strips or traps must be placed in an area where people especially the elderly, sick, or children are not always present. 

- Avoid contact with any pesticide. 

- Read the label of the pesticide that you are using and learn how to manage accidental ingestion or contact. 

- Most pesticides should be tightly sealed and stored in a cool, dry, and dark place. It is advisable to store them in a locked cabinet or very high shelves away from children’s reach. 

Using and storing pesticides safely can avoid more serious problems and accidents in the household. To add to the above-mentioned tips, choosing the natural and water-based ones can lessen the harm they can do to one’s health and environment. 

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