12 Tips for Buying Food

June 06, 2020
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Buying food is like choosing the right partner. You have to meticulously scrutinize every detail to ensure that you will choose something that will nourish you, keep you alive and energized, and will never break you in all aspects. I have here 12 tips to guide you for buying your food properly. 

All-Around Pinay Mama: 12 Tips for Buying Food

- Always keep in mind that you pick up perishables last at the supermarket especially if you live far. Be careful in handling them between purchase and home storage. It’s a rule that if you are going to travel for at least 25 miles, bring an ice chest with you to keep your purchased perishables from getting stale. 

- Follow the “First in, first out,” rule. It follows every food item, perishable or not. When you unload your grocery food purchases, be sure to place the new items behind previously purchased ones of the same kind. By doing this, it’s easier for you to reach for the older items in front of your refrigerator, freezer, or pantry. 

- Don’t buy food items that are for sale after the expiration date. 

- Food items on sale are usually nearly expiring. Make sure to consume them immediately after purchasing or within the time frame that they are still consumable. 

- Always check the label. Be conscious about the food items’ manufacturing and expiration dates to make sure that you are buying new and best stocks. 

- Never buy canned goods that have dents. This may indicate that the contents have problems. 

- Never buy canned goods that are sticky. It is a sign of possible leaks. 

- Never buy food items with broken seals, torn packages, or with the presence of holes because they are already contaminated. They are probably caused by pests or improper handling. 

- If you accidentally purchased expired goods, canned goods with sticky or dented cans, food items whose wrappers are broken, it is your right to return them to the establishment where you have purchased them. 

- Always check thoroughly the eggs that you are going to purchase. Buy the ones that are refrigerated or placed in the coldest portion of the establishment. Make sure that they have no cracks or foul smell. 

- Buy meat, poultry, and seafood from markets supplied by the government-approved sources. 

- Only buy food from clean and sanitized markets and stores. Check if they handle and store perishables properly. 

Following the above-mentioned tips saves you from trouble and slashes your effort, time, and grocery bill. 

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