Helpful Tips for Floral Arrangement

June 13, 2020
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Arranging flowers can be a great diversionary activity for those who find joy in tending plants. Aside from indulging into an activity that takes away stress, flower arrangements give life and pop of color in a dull room. There is no doubt that they can brighten everybody’s day. To save you from replacing your arrangements often that can waste time, energy, effort, and money (if you don’t have your own garden to get your flowers), I have here some helpful tips for you. 

- Flowers in different stages of bloom can provide more variety of form that is pleasant to the eyes than when they are in full bloom at the same time. 

- Don’t cut flowers in same lengths. Stems of different lengths make the flower arrangement more full and interesting. 

- Don’t forget to carry a bucket full of water with you when you cut flowers from your garden which to place them as soon as you cut them to retain their moisture. 

- It’s best to cut flowers from your garden early in the morning when they are full of moisture from the previous night. 

- Use a sharp knife and cut the stems slant. A pair of scissors can pinch some water channels closed. In case you are not comfortable in using a knife, make sure that your pair of scissors is very, very sharp, and don’t take too long in cutting the stems. 

- Cutting the stems at an angle makes the cut flowers last longer. Use a very sharp knife to avoid mashing the stems. It is a must to cut the stems underwater to prevent air bubbles from forming within the stem. 

- When you receive a bouquet of flowers as a gift, recut the stems at an angle to encourage maximum water intake. 

- Make sure that your vase is directly proportional to the size and length of the flowers that you are going to out on it. 

- Slide the short-stemmed flowers into plastic soft drink straws to give them more length before you put them into the vase. 

- In order to speed up the opening of flower buds, place the stems in warm water. 

- Remove all leaves at the portion of the stem that will be submerged underwater to extend flower life. 

- Flowers should be arranged loosely in a vase to make it last longer. Tightly arranged flowers wilt easily because they compete in space and water intake. 

- When you don’t have your own garden to get fresh flowers, the nearby florist is the best person to visit. Unfortunately, flowers are expensive. To cut your expenses, buy more leaves or foliage than flowers. Foliage is cheaper and lasts longer even for months than flowers. You may replace the flowers that wilt already to the foliage. 

- Old branches, driftwood, or twigs cut from a tree or bush make a unique centerpiece. 

- Don’t be confined in using a conventional vase. You may use a teacup, mug, tin can, small bucket, soup bowl, or any common container found in your home. Be creative and resourceful. 

- Refrigerate your vase of flowers each night to make the flowers last longer. 

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