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June 21, 2020
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If we focus on the silver lining this pandemic has brought us, one of the perks of being under the community quarantine is having quality time with our families and aligning ourselves to the things that truly matter to us. In our case, this was the longest time our whole family spent time together 24/7 which made us happier. Then due to the presence of Paps and Kuya, we had a chance to do Swedish Death Cleaning that prompted us to dispose of the things that we didn't intend to use and organize our home including our analog and digital photos.

With our analog photos, we were already updated in storing them chronologically but with our digital photos, they were so plenty that we didn't have the luxury of time of having them printed or compiled into a photo book. It was time-consuming for us to do the layout and printing it here at home. We were also hesitant in getting the services of a professional due to the cost aside from time constraints. Good thing, we heard from a friend that doing the layout in Photobook PH App and website would be easier and cost-efficient compared to other photo book services in the market today. Aside from being user and consumer-friendly, the finished product would be high-quality. 

Buti naniwala kami. We were impressed with Photobook PH's services.

  • There are so many pre-made layout options to choose from which makes creating an album or personalized merchandise quick and easy.
  • No available photos on your phone or personal computer, no problem! There is an option of getting your photos from your Facebook or Instagram account.
  • If you happen to choose a low-resolution photo or committed a mistake in your layout, there is a prompt that reminds you to change your photo or adjust the layout.
  • Checking out is easy and there are more paying options.
  • It offers promos often like free or discounted services. Just type the given promo code upon check-out to avail. In some cases, you'll get a free service and just pay for the shipping fee.
  • Aside from a photo book, you can also order personalized pillows, tumblers, name tags, and a lot more!
  • You are assured that your orders are delivered in good condition because they are packed neatly and properly.
  • You are reminded of the status of your orders through an email or text message.
  • The delivery is prompt and efficient.
  • All products have superb quality, worth every centavo! Kikiligin ka sa sobrang ganda, promise!

Let me show you what we got:


Photobook PH, Photobook Fun Book, Photobook PH Review
Price: Php550

We got this for free by just typing FUNBOOK upon check-out! It was on promo until May 31, 2020. We shared the news with our friends. They availed it too and we got good feedback from them. The shipping fee was the only cost shouldered by the client.


Photobook PH, Photobook Tumbler, Photobook PH Review
Price: Php1,800

Just recently, I broke Bunso's drinking cup that he was fixated with. This prompted us to order a personalized tumbler for him. It might be pricey pero super sulit na ito for Bunso! He is more inspired to drink more water kasi feel na feel niya ang pagkaka-personalize nitong tumbler for him! We were impressed with its insulating power. We left it full of cold water upon retiring then when we woke up in the morning, the water was still cold. 

If I remember it right, the coldness lasted for more than eight hours! Amazing! 


Photobook PH, Photobook Landscape Hardcover, Photobook PH Review
Price: Php3,250

Kuya was so happy when he got this Disney-Marvel Inspired PhotoBook. For us, this is a type of  "best pamana" that you can give to your kids when they decide to raise their own families. Iba pa rin na may ipakikita silang pictures nila sa kanilang mga anak while sharing the memories they created with you.


Photobook PH, Photobook Photo Pillow, Photobook PH Review
Price: Php1,200

We chose this design instead of a couple pillow so that we could place our family photos. Perfect siya for our living room. We don't have framed photos to showcase so this is a good substitute. 

We're so happy with the different merchandise that we got from Photobook PH as well as with our experience creating them at its App and website. Kudos to Photobook PH and its partner courier, DHL, for the smooth and easy transaction and delivery!

Like we and our friends do, we suggest that you follow Photobook PH on Facebook to get updates about its latest promos. Also, never remove your Photobook PH App on your smartphones. Once you have experienced Photobook PH's services, I bet masusundan pa 'yan!

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