How to Teach Kids the Love for Mathematics

June 24, 2020
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Whenever children would be asked what their favorite subject is, most of them would say Art, Music, Science, or Physical Education. If we ask, “Why not Math?” most would say they prefer other academic disciplines because they are fun and easy to learn. 

Many kids see Mathematics as a very intimidating subject and the tasks that go with it as very tedious. It’s true that Mathematics as a subject is truly tedious for it requires a specific set of skills, patience, and time allotment to be able to master the principles. For parents, here are the ways of teaching your kids the love for Mathematics. 

Study and learn with your kid. 

The greatest leaders lead by example. Your kid should see and realize that learning Mathematics is fun. This can be realized if he sees you doing it with him. Make the learning process interactive by learning it together and discover the excitement in solving equations and unlocking solutions to different problems. Of course, as a parent, you should exercise extreme form of patience and diligence as you deal with the frustrations of your kid. Just be with him in his journey discovering the answers that he seeks. Show him that by learning the concepts properly through diligence and meticulous studying, he is laying a solid foundation on all the other skills that he is encountering as he progresses in studying Mathematics. 

Failing is okay. 

A little pat on the back and words of encouragement can take your kid a long way. Make him realize that failing to get the answer the first time means that he hasn’t lost. Explain to him that his failure in the getting it right means that he might have missed a step in the process. Emphasize to him that failure in getting the correct answer is a reminder that he has to be careful in applying the steps and principles in solving mathematical problems. 

Show your kid that it is doable. 

Studying with your kid provides him with the opportunity to see you in action. Now to put an icing on the cake, you must show him that you can actually do it. Through this way, you are actually putting substance to what parents usually tell their kids and that is to “study well.” The idea is you can do it and so he can. Always remember that you can’t demand something from your kid that you yourself can’t do. 

Play a Game. 

Make it a habit to answer a problem at certain occasions separately then compare your answers afterwards. Encourage your kid to discuss the process that he just did to solve the problem. If your answers are not the same, avoid jumping into the conclusion that he made a mistake but rather, review and analyze each other’s work. You will be surprised at the outcomes of such an endeavor. 

Change your kid’s perspective. 

Through encouragement and constant practice, you can change how your kid sees Mathematical equations. Constant practice provides him ample dose of failures and a lot of opportunities for you to encourage him to do it again and polish his skills and methods. In due time, getting the correct answer and arriving at a wrong one both become an “Aha!” moment. Both occasions can provide satisfaction, affirmation, and stimulation to seek more. 

Mathematics is a world of its own, a world of certainty, precise thinking, and accurate representations. You can make it fun and beautiful in the eyes of a child and a long process it might change you.

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