My Recommended Word Games for Moms

December 14, 2021
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Moms do the work of more than 10 people and considered as "master of multitasking". They may be considered admirable due to their productivity but like any ordinary person, they also get burnt out and may experience mental health concerns and memory problems and distractibility due to multitasking (Winch, 2016).

I am a mom for 16 long years. I experience burn out sometimes and worse, constant forgetfulness which I am so worried about. That's why I see to it that I break my routines from time to time to continuously develop new pathways for my brain. I read, do journaling, try new activities, and play word games online. Speaking of word games, they help me increase my focus and concentration, make my brain work harder, and of course, make me happy and relaxed. Indeed, word games are so helpful for my brain, well-being, and mental health. 

Since I have no available pen and paper word games on hand, I opt to search for different online games that suit my preferences. There are a lot, but the following word games from are the ones that I prefer:


Daily Word Search is a 12x12, 14x14, or 16x16 word search puzzle game which offers a new puzzle every day. We may play it online and even print a hard copy if we want. When we don't like the day's game, we can pick another day's game. 

This is very relaxing! It's like we are answering word search activities that we regularly purchase from bookstores., best online word games, best online word games


Daily Letter Logic is crossword without clues. It is a puzzle interface with a letter filled in then we can get the words to be filled in from the word list which can be used only once. It's challenging because it does not contain a built-in error checker where we can check our progress but when we are able to beat a puzzle, a winner stamp in orange will appear over the top of the puzzle including our completion time., best online word games, best online word games


The most challenging word game for me is the Letter Scramble. It is a scrabble-styled online game in where we can spell as many words as we can under time pressure. We can use variations of the same word and also, we can even repeatedly enter the same word as long as we have the letter tiles available to spell it., best online word games, best online word games

I usually play any of these Word Games and my preference on what to play depends on my mood. If I want a hardcore brain activity, I prefer Letter Scramble followed by Daily Letter Logic. If I just want to be more relaxed, I play Daily Word Search. Regardless of my preference, I have observed that after a few weeks of playing them, something good has happened inside my brain and my mental health has improved too.  

Winchm G. (2016). 10 real risks of multitasking, to mind and body. Retrieved December 14, 2021 from 


*Mom photo courtesy of shaila19/Pixabay

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  1. Dati po ako sa mga news paper po nakakalibang po ito at the same time magandang bonding din sa family po...

    1. Ang bet ko ay Tagalog crossword puzzles. Napaka-challenging ng English version for me sa totoo lang. Ang family ng dad ko ang napakagaling sa English crossword puzzle pero hindi ko yata namana. Haha.

  2. I will check your recommendations. I love playing scrabble and puzzle games too. 😊

  3. Thanks for sharing mommy. Maganda itong libangan.nilalaro ko dati 4pic 1 word at Wordscapes 😊

  4. This is really cool. Nakakaaliw lalo yung letter scramble, the fact na hindi boring is may natutunan ka pa😍 my son and I used to play this

  5. nice list of games! I like it a lot, thanks for finding it all for us

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