You Can Swap Your Old Glucometer for FREE and Spend Less on Test Strips and Lancets

June 13, 2022
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Sinocare, Icare, glucometer, glucose meter, product review

Just recently, I asked my good blogger and nurse friend, Ning of The Super Momma, about where to get a reliable but affordable glucometer. Paps has been diagnosed with diabetes and due to his need to monitor his blood sugar immediately, we purchased a famous but expensive brand readily available in drugstores since my 17-year-old glucometer was already outdated and no available test strips or lancets in the market nowadays. The glucometer that we purchased was worth Php3,000 and 25 pieces of test strips alone would cost us Php725+ while the 25 lancets, Php500+. My uncle and aunt also sent us a reputable glucometer brand but still, the test strips and lancets for that were so expensive like the first one. Sabi ko sa sarili ko, mamumulubi kami nito since Paps would need to test and monitor his blood sugar daily so I had to look for a trusted but affordable brand then we would use those expensive brands for backup only. 

Then Mommy Ning sent us a link to the one that she purchased for her husband on Shopee. It was a set actually, glucometer plus test strips and lancets already. She said that she chose this seller because it ships out items very quickly and they always have fresh stocks. Furthermore, the price of that set was less than a thousand, way much cheaper than the brand that Paps was using at that time. Most importantly, the matched test strips and lancets are so cheap. As I was about to order it, I browsed the photos first and saw this:

Sinocare, Icare, glucometer, glucose meter, product review

I immediately sent a message to the seller and asked for the promo details. Its representative replied immediately. How fast! I learned that if they accept an outdated, malfunctioning, busted, and still working glucometer regardless of the brand then they would replace it as long as the owner would purchase the test strips and lancets that match the glucometer that they would give. The glucometer for swapping could be sent to them via courier. Same-day delivery via Grab could be allowed too. The customer service representative gave me iCare Rehab's shipping details.

This was the glucometer available for the promo (The company decides which one to send.):

Sinocare, Icare, glucometer, glucose meter, product review

This was the outdated glucometer that I sent:

Sinocare, Icare, glucometer, glucose meter, product review

I asked them for the link to the test strips and lancets that I would purchase so that I could check them out immediately after they confirmed the receipt of my glucometer. It was sent to me immediately, added it to my cart, and sent them my outdated glucometer via Grab and we updated each other via chat on Shopee. On that day, they confirmed the receipt of my outdated glucometer and told me that they would include the new glucometer as I checked out my order. I received my order two days after. It was so quick and easy! 

The amount that I spent on Grab (Php106) plus the amount that I spent on test strips and lancets that I ordered from iCare Rehab Philippines (Php339 x2=Php628; free shipping) were way much cheaper than the amount of 25 test strips and 25 lancets of the famous brand. Malaking tipid in the long run because I will purchase again for replenishment. The money that we will save from buying expensive test strips and lancets will be diverted to medication expenses. Isn't it a good value for money? Yes, indeed.

Sinocare, Icare, glucometer, glucose meter, product review
I ordered two sets of this, a total of 100 test strips and lancets. Expiration date: mid-2023. 

Aside from a very nice transaction experience, what I liked about the products that I received was they were comparable to the leading brands available in the market today. They were so easy to use. Paps gets the best results without spending so much. 

I would like to show you what we got. Watch the videos HERE:


For more details, you may visit and chat with iCare Rehab Philippines on Shopee. The customer service representative is very accommodating. Aside from the glucometer and its paraphernalia, it sells very affordable medical equipment like digital blood monitors, nebulizers, pulse oximeters, and more.

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  1. Wow! Thank you for this info. This is definitely a great option for replacing outdated glucometer. Wise and resourcesful! 👍


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