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Monday, August 5, 2013

Filipino Crafter of the Month (August 2013)--- FOLK TIES

I feel nude when I don't wear a watch when I go out. For me, it's a necessity. I want my watch to be nice, unique, inexpensive but durable.

I asked my godsister, Abby Cabuhat Posadas, to make one for me when I saw her sample photos on her online shop, Folk Ties.

The steps on how to order are so easy to follow: 
I chose from its pre-made designs  and referred to the color swatch where I chose my preferred colors.

When I received my order, I felt so ecstatic! All watches look so nice and dainty! I really love them.
Aside from ordering for myself, I also asked Abby to make watches for my loved ones.

My mom and I also decided to collaborate with Abby to make THOMASIAN BANDS for our clients at University of Santo Tomas.
Joyceski's Biz/ FAITHSHOPPE's collaboration with FOLK TIES (These Thomasian Bands are currently available at UST Church.)

I love everything about Folk Ties---from the owners and their creations and to what they stand for.  

Let me share with you how Folk Ties started...

Abby got the idea of making her own friendship bracelets when she learned that Saab Magalona, the daughter of late Master Rapper Francis M., was giving away a copy of "The Friendship Bracelet Book". Instead of joining the contest, she and her mom (my dearest Ninang Myrna) went immediately to the bookstore to purchase the book. A fashionista by heart, she wanted to create her own bracelets solely to match her outfits.

She was so excited that right after getting her own copy, she started the trial and error process in creating all the bracelets that she liked in the book until she perfected the craft. 

Her friends and office mates noticed the beauty and funkiness of her DIY friendship bracelets. They requested her to create different bracelet designs for them. At first, she didn't consider it to be her sideline or new business venture. She was just grateful that someone is appreciating her creations. Until one day, someone ordered in bulk and the rest was history!

Folk Ties was launched online through Facebook in October 19, 2012 by Abby herself, a Civil Engineer by profession. During that time, she was very busy with her Philippine Arena project that she needed the help of her good friend, Karina Rizza Gumatay. Karina became her business partner, who was in charge with marketing and online matters while taking care of her family business. Orders became in demand that led Abby to teach Karina the craft.

Abby's friends suggested to use her own name as the business name for her bracelets but she taught of naming her business "Folk Knots". After consulting her marketing executive friend, the name "Folk Ties" was born! Her graphic artist friend was the one who designed the official logo.
Folk Ties Official Logo
Abby and Karina asked the help of their Indie Artist friends to endorse their products. One of them was Jensen Gomez, Universal Records recording artist. They even named some of the bracelets after his songs.
Jensen Gomez wearing his own Folk Ties bracelet. Abby grabbed this photo from his Facebook account.

Folk Ties bracelets named after Jensen Gomez' songs                                                                                                

Business flourish from bracelets to watches. Folk Ties was also featured on Net 25 on July 4 this year. Abby and Karina plan to infuse their designs to other materials soon!

When you visit their Facebook Page, you'll see the overwhelming responses and feedback of their customers.
By @beachy_rach "I'm always a supporter of hand crafters super love these artsy bracelet from @staybonded. Thank you!!!"
By @aryannaepperson "Thank you so much @staybonded for the amazing handcrafted bracelets! I love the colorful & tribal designs."
By @thisis_julianne "Thank you @folkties !!! Super love 'em!"

If you want to experience wearing their unique creations, you may place your order through Folk Ties Official Facebook Page. You may follow @folkties on Twitter and Instagram. One more thing, Folk Ties can also rehabilitate old watches

Folk Ties Instagram Username: STAYBONDED


Friends that wear Folk Ties together, stay TOGETHER.

The ties that bond us are impossible to explain.
They connect us even after it seems like the ties should be broken.
Some bonds defy distance, time and logic because SOME TIES ARE SIMPLY MEANT TO BE. 


Photo Credits: Folk Ties

Thursday, July 18, 2013

My Favorite Filipino Clay Artists


a.k.a. Rocky Antonio
Location: Sydney, Australia
I love her because... she is a faceted, well-rounded, creative, and knowledgeable clay artist who generously shares her prowess to aspiring and other seasoned clay artists worldwide. 
It's nice to know that... she has a blog that is a must-read for clay enthusiasts. It is rich in tutorials and other topics about clay art. She also teaches through Digital Beading Magazine Australia. You may purchase her beautiful creations through her site at Etsy, Rocky Antonio.

Labor of Love 
a.k.a. Love Roxas-Lu
Location: Bacoor, Cavite
I love her because... she creates a wide-array of alphabet and number molders. Her site on Facebook is a one-stop-shop for clay and resin enthusiasts who are looking for very affordable materials. It is also due to her good marketing strategy and customer service that makes her business grow. Her Starbucks Charms used to be one of the bestsellers in UST when she became my supplier a few years ago.
It's nice to know that... she is open for distributorship of her newest venture, Clay Love Polyclay, a clay brand that is cheaper but of good quality. She also teaches basic polymer clay and resin art.

Clay Thinz
a.k.a. Thina Villanueva
Location: Kawit, Cavite
She is my... CHIBI QUEEN
I love her because... her collection of "chibi" or cute clay dolls are so detailed and intricate! I've never seen other clay artists make such adorable masterpieces!
It's nice to know that... she works at Twin Hearts Learning Center while running her online business. She shares her knowledge through workshops.

Basta Clay
a.k.a. Weng San Pedro and kids
Location: Binan, Laguna
I love them because... they are adept in creating charms, nameplates, frames, and other bling-blings!
It's nice to know that... they teach polymer clay workshops in very affordable rates. They are also behind O Chocolate.

Xander's Gift Shop
a.k.a. Riezl-An Leabres-Carpio
Location: Quezon City
I love her because... her earrings and studs are very nice, colorful, and attractive.
It's nice to know that... aside from creating assorted clay items, she also accepts printing jobs---shirts, mugs, and paper works! 


Purple Luggage
a.k.a. Jen Cruz
Location: Metro Manila
I love her because... her creations are very unique! Her caning skill is incomparable! Among my favorite pieces are her headbands, lockets, pendants and encased hearts. She's really great!
It's nice to know that... she's a beach-going, dog-loving, crafty musician. You can get to know her more by visiting her blog.

Crafting Time
a.k.a. Melody Manalaysay
Location:  Taguig City
I love her because... she makes very lovely vintage-inspired pieces! She is an advocate of reusing and recycling scrap materials by incorporating them into her clay creations. She does crafting with her loving mom like I do.
It's nice to know that... she's into paper and resin art too! She teaches clay bead-making and other clay art techniques  through workshops. She was featured on TV5!

Visit their albums on Facebook and you'll see all their nice creations! For sure you'll be amazed! How artistic and talented they are! They make me feel proud to be a Filipino!

They inspire me to try clay art! I hope that someday I'll have a chance to attend one of their workshops.

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