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Sunday, February 14, 2016

GUEST POST: Creative Ways to Store and Organize Your Cleaning Supplies by Edna Thomson

Are you sick and tired of the chaos that is your cleaning products? Do you hate the fact that every time you reach to grab one thing five more fall down? If you are fed up with always having to rearrange and organize the many cleaning products you have, but somehow always manage to make a mess, try some of these organizing and storing hacks.

Sadly we always have a bunch of bottles of cleaning products in our home and we usually store them in a tiny and unused space, like the storage space under the kitchen or bathroom sink. But not only do they create a chaos but sometimes they leak and leave marks in your cabinets and make it hard to clean. 

One of the easiest things to do is get a couple of buckets and separate your cleaning products by room. For example, one bucket for your kitchen cleaning supplies, one for your bathroom cleaning supplies, and one for the other ones – an all purpose cleaners, polishers, air fresheners, etc. You can even put the said buckets into the rooms they belong to. Put your bucket with bathroom cleaning products on top of your bathroom sink, and they will always be easy to reach, you could even do a quick cleaning right after a shower.

Or if you are feeling a little more creative and have a little free time on your hands, you could built racks or shelves on the inside of the cabinet door and put smaller bottles sponges, rags on them. So that they are properly and orderly hanging on the door are saying from TenancyCleaners Greenwich.

Or if you have a bigger closet, you could use a hanging organizer. This way every bottle and rag will be in a different pocket and you will be able to see all of them, and pick one up without turning the other ones over and making even a bigger mess.

If you hate the fact that you have only one shelf in your laundry room and hate how it looks when your laundry detergents are showing, try putting a nice looking veil to hide them with. You could get a pegboard and use it to hang your cleaning tools, rags, gloves.

Get plastic containers, no matter if they are see through or not, you could use labels for the purpose. In them you can store your rags, sponges or gloves. Neatly folded into the containers, and the containers stored on top of each other to save some space. You could use  a metal rod to save space in your under the sink space as well. Put a metal rod in it and hang spray bottles by their spray nozzles, this too will save you some space.

There are many ways you can think of to store your cleaning supplies, even some crazy ones can be very efficient. Like storing toilet paper in a hanging shoe organizer! Feel free to try any of the above cleaning products storage hacks to organize your space.

Written by Miss Edna Thomson

Monday, August 3, 2015

GUEST POST: Mommy Tips for Rearranging Nursery Room by Tracey Clayton

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It is a known fact that visual stimuli can be of invaluable significance for anyone living surrounded with them. Living in a pleasant, elegantly organized and neat environment can have a positive effect on one's mood. All of this is quite important, but it gets even more serious when children are in question.

As their parent, you owe it to your children to create a healthy living environment, in which they will be able to grow and spend their days uninterrupted, free of the worries in the world. On the plus side is a fact that by creating these ideal conditions you will also have a chance to express your creative side by trying to create a perfect decor for your children's room. Here are some tips on what to look for when rearranging nursery room on your own.


The Lighting Solution

The amount and nature of light that your child receives in the earliest stages of the childhood is extremely important for the formation of its personality. It is a known fact that the input of natural light is absolutely invaluable and can never be completely compensated by artificial light sources. With this in mind, make sure that the windows in your children's room provide enough light. If not, natural illumination can be enhanced with the cunning use of mirrors. Still, help from a nice chandelier or ceiling light is always welcome.

Decorating the Walls
As we already mentioned, the way one's room looks can significantly improve one's mood. Walls are always the largest and the most prominent surfaces in any room so dedicating special care to them is never a bad idea. It is a known fact that different colors can affect human mind in different ways, so try to paint the walls of your nursery room into grayish green or pink, since these colors are known to act as a soothing agents. After you are done with painting, add some nice pictures to the walls and you are already half way through.

To further enhance the general impression that this room makes add some matching drapes. It is best if these drapes are as long as possible and let a lot of light through so it would probably be for the best if they were also bright in color. Another thing that you can do with your walls is add some decals that you believe your baby will like. An animal or dinosaur theme decals are the most common choice when it comes to the boys while girls tend to prefer butterfly and flower themed decals more. 

Image found on

Furniture Ideas

When decorating the nursery room, the best advice is to realize that often less is more. You don't want to overcrowd the room, so stick to the minimal necessities when it comes to the furniture. Naturally, you have to start with the baby's bed, here again color and design are not to be ignored. Make sure that you also add a baby sleeping bag since it will utilize it further and make your job a lot easier. When it comes to the other furniture, add a comfortable armchair with a nice cushion that fits the rest of the decor, since in the sleepless hours you spend in your baby's room it just might make the difference.

Add a closet for baby's things and make sure that there is a spot in the room where you can dress the baby. In the end, it might be a great idea to put a wall-to-wall carpet in your baby's room since it will create a cozier, homelier atmosphere there as well as prove invaluable as a cushioning area once you baby finally starts crawling around.

Your children deserve a place where they can grow and develop undisturbed and it is your duty as a parent to provide it to them. Still, this is not that hard of a work, by dedicating just a bit of your time to the task at hand and by demonstrating some will to see it all through, you will in no time create a perfect nursery room. It is also not impossible that you will also have some fun along the way.

About the Author:

Tracey Clayton is a full time mom of three girls. She loves cooking, baking, sewing, spending quality time with her daughters and she's passionate for writing. Hers motto is: "Live the life you love, love the life you live." Find her on Facebook.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Guest Post: "Easy Ways to Organize Food Storage Containers"

If you are tired of the mess in the cabinets of your kitchen, perhaps it is time to do something about it. Organizing this part of your home often is a good idea but, unfortunately, the results of your work may not last for long. If you want to be sure that everything will stay in place and you will have easy access to all of your food storage containers, you will have to come up with another organizing system. In case you keep Tupperwear and all sorts of other containers in your cabinets, now is the best time to organize them in a new way, which will allow you to use them any time you like without wasting time.

Since you will be organizing your kitchen cabinets, this will be a great moment for one deep cleaning of this area as well. For the purpose, you will have to get everything out and disinfect every corner of your cabinets with a special cleaning product. If you don't have one, you can simply use a mix or vinegar and water. When you are done and the surface of your cabinets is dry, you can move on to the organizing of your food storage containers. We will give you some ideas which will make speed up the whole process. The important thing is to make things as easy for you as possible.

·         Organizing by sizeThere is no need to come up with complicated ideas for the simple organisation of the containers in which you will later store your food. One way you can do that is to arrange them by size. You can put the smaller containers in the larger ones and then designate a special place for them in your cabinets. This will save you a lot of space, especially if you have various other things which you keep in there. Don't forget about the lids which each containers needs to preserve your food. You can lean them against one of the sides of your cabinet, so that they are always close to the containers. You can organize them by size as well.

·        Using pull-out cabinet organizerThis is a very smart ideas which you will certainly appreciate. The size of the pull-out organizer depends entirely on the free space you have in your cabinets. It is better to install this device in the lower cabinets of your kitchen, so that it is easier for you to take it out whenever you need a container. It will be best to get an organizer which has dividers. This way you will be able to arrange all lids by size in the back and leave the containers in the front. You won't have to worry that they could get mixed up or that you could lose them.

·              LabellingThis is another great idea you could try. If you often store the same food in particular containers, you can simply label their lids. This will  make things much easier for you when you are in a hurry but you can't find the right container you are looking for. This will also solve the problem with the mixing of the lids and the containers. You can put the same number on the lid and on the bottom of the container it belongs to and save a lot of time.

There are many ways you can organize your food storage containers, so feel free to use your imagination or ask around for more interesting ideas. Just remember to keep only the containers which you actually use. The good thing about the cleaning of your cabinets is that you will have the chance to throw out all the things you don't need, including the old and damaged containers, as well as the ones which have no lids.

The article is a guest post by Domestic Cleaners Hammersmith
Acknowledgement: Edna Thomson

Friday, December 12, 2014

GUEST POST: Food Decoration For Christmas by Ella Andrews

If you want to get creative with the holiday decoration this Christmas, go for food.  This will not only give you the opportunity to unleash your cooking skills, but it will also bring tons of joy to the children. In addition, you will save a bunch of money that you will otherwise spend on garlands and candles. On the other hand, if you pick a food decoration you will add a unique and up – beat touch to your home interior. Plus, you will not spend hours in throughout house cleaning after the holidays. Fill your living space with the smell of cinnamon and roasted chestnuts and get in a festive mood.

Chocolate Rudolf
You need to get a package of marshmallows, lollipop sticks, melting chocolate, small pretzels, cinnamon dots and pearl sprinkles.  Place the marshmallow on the stick and dip it in the melted chocolate. Put it on foam block and proceed with the next one. After that, you should break the pretzels into two even parts. Put them on the marshmallow so you can create the reindeer horns. Do it while the chocolate is still wet. Use the cinnamon dots for the nose and the pear sprinkles for the eyes. When the sweets are ready, you may tile a little red ribbon on each of them. You can put the foam with the reindeers in a deep bowl and cover it with marshmallows to hide the basic. Use this table decoration or place it over fireplace.

Mug Decoration
You will surely have some friends and relatives visiting for the holidays. Why not make their hot drink extra special. It doesn’t matter if it’s hot chocolate, warm milk or a coffee. This mini gingerbread houses will brighten the mood of your guests. Create the regular mixture for gingerbread and cut out six even small parts for one cleaned house. On one of the cut – outs, make a rectangular that will serve as an entrance and as a way to embed the treat on the mug. Bake the parts, construct a little house out if them and then embellish the cookie with different glazes.

Gingerbread Decoration
This is one of the best materials for creating decorations. Make a regular gingerbread dough and you now have infinitely many possibilities. You can create ornaments for the Christmas tree. Choose a few holiday themed cookie cutters and make a hole in them. Then put a lace through it. Spice up your home interior with gingerbread man garlands. Get a long ribbon and string them. If you are sick and tired of cleaning procedures the garlands after Christmas, this is a perfect solution. If you want to go a little bit more advanced, make your own gingerbread man wreath. You need to place the cookies in circle with their hands overlapping. Secure the gingerbread man with a lace that goes through them.

Reuse the Halloween Pumpkins
If you forgot to throw away your Halloween pumpkin, don’t feel guilty. You can transform them into an amazing snowman. All you need is three pumpkins and white, black and orange paint. A beautiful red ribbon will bring additional festivity. Paint the pumpkins in white and arrange them starting with the larger at the bottom and the smaller on the top. Make two dots as eyes on the smaller pumpkin by using the black paint and an orange one as a nose. Make larger black dots on the medium pumpkin that will look like buttons.

Food decoration is not only beautiful, but it’s also extremely delicious. After the Christmas your children will be happy to help you cleaning the Christmas decoration.


About the Blogger

Ella Andrews is a passionate blogger and freelance writer with wide range of interests.

She had great flair for writing since she was a kid, and it gradually transformed from a hobby into a profession. Presently she lives in London and generate content for various companies, which extend wide range of home related services.  As a writer, she always strives to provide top-notch content and never makes compromise with its quality. In her spare time she tries to keep her focus on activities like home maintenance, interior design and landscaping projects. In her work it is quite an advantage to keep track on the latest trends so she tries to be as informed and up-to-date as possible.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Chloe Santos-Perlas' Posh Shabby Chic Ballerina in Paris 2nd Birthday Party

When it comes to meticulous party and event planning, I always look up to my former Nursing School classmate and very good friend, Diana Grace Santos-Perlas. She wouldn't settle for anything else when it comes to suppliers and party venue. She is a wise spender and she knows exactly whom to contact. She is the right person to ask about suppliers that are affordable but offer the best services.
 Diana Grace Santos-Perlas with her husband, Philip, and daughter, Chloe
We were invited to the birthday party of her daughter,   Chloe, last December. As expected. It was a blast! 

I consider it as one of the best birthday parties I've attended! 
This photo was used in Chloe's 2nd birthday invites.

I asked permission from Grace if I could share the event on my blog and she agreed. She willingly gave me the list of her suppliers.

Grace said that she was hands-on in booking the party organizer and suppliers including the magician, photographer, videographer, and cake. The organizer was the one in charge in styling, photo booth, and other details because she was in Dubai during the party planning.

Here are the list of suppliers she contacted: 

CHLOE'S GOWN: Yumi's Nook Child at Heart 
This gown was intricately designed to match Chloe's dainty and adorable personality.


CHLOE'S HAIRCLIP: Dainty Chic Boutique
Dainty Chic Boutique creates affordable and nice handmade hair accessories for kids. Miss Mary, the owner, is also behind The Ruffles Studio.



All the details that Grace couldn't do, Miss Pinky Santos-Franscisco of The Party Studio was there on the rescue!

Grace trusts Miss Pinky and her team when it comes to party styling and other party details for years. She's very easy to transact with and what makes her more special is that she treats her clients like family.

The signage at the entrance of DML Tent
Wishes for Chloe

The ceiling of the tent with paper lanterns and other decors

Table Setting
Candy and Dessert Table

Souvenirs for Kids

Kiddie Prizes

Face Painting Area


Decorated Water Bottles

Pinky also styled Chloe's Cake Smash Photo Shoot. Click THIS to view the album.


CATERER: Robert Camba Catering
Grace chose Robert Camba Catering due to its affordable package. Her mom liked the food during food tasting. Free chocolate fountain was included in the package too. Kiddie meals were also available and super sulit at masarap talaga ang food nila! 


CAKE and  CAKE POPS: Sugarplum Pastries
Grace chose fondant cake instead of the one with butter icing due to aesthetic purposes. Sugarplum Pastries offer rotating cakes and other yummy treats!

This rotating cake was one of the highlights of the party.

These flower cake pops were pleasing to the eyes and taste buds.


Booking and choosing of flavors was done online and the payment was done at the day of the event. 
The blockbuster Nestle Ice Cream Cart outside the venue

He was chosen due to raves and good reviews about him. He was the magician of most of the birthday videos that Grace watched. He could win the hearts of both kids and adults. His antics were unique and something fresh! The sound system was included on his package too.

Here is his Facebook Account:

CUPCAKES: Iko's Bakeshop 
Iko's Bakeshop was recommended by Grace's brother. The cupcakes were yummy and affordable.
The cupcake liners and toppers were provided by The Party Studio.

Iko's Bakeshop has outlets in Caniogan, Pasig and SM Mega Mall Supermarket, Freshly Baked.

Contact Numbers: 468-9583/ 628-4383/ 409-1197

ADULT SOUVENIR: Tin Can c/o Grace's Mom & Chocolate Chip Cookies by COMFOODS 

Delicious Fibisco cookies were inside.

Here's Comfoods' Main Building Address:
Sen. Gil Puyat Ave. (at Chino Roces Ave.),  Makati City

Rave Party one was hired by Grace to illuminate the venue. 


The party was supposed to be held at Camp Crame Multipurpose Hall. It was December and peak season. The management couldn't assure the time slot that Grace wanted. She chose DML Tent instead because the place was accessible and spacious. There was also a mini playgound outside for kids to play while waiting for the party to start.

DML Tent
Address: 46 7th Street, New Manila, Quezon City
Telephone No: 722-4979

PHOTOBOOTH: Photostrip
This was included in the event organizer's package.

Kumusta naman ako? Hindi marunong tumingin sa monitor...

Check out all  photos HERE.



Grace liked Bea Caisip's works. The photographer could capture candid moments spectacularly.

PHOTO/VIDEO: Shutter Count 
Grace booked Shutter Count mainly for the video coverage.  It has the most affordable package with outstanding and superb output for kiddie parties. She closed the deal during the first quarter of 2013 and was lucky to get a photographer included on the package.

The photos taken by Shutter Count are found HERE.

Here is Chloe's 2nd Birthday VIDEO as shown towards the end of the party: 

Chloe SDE from Shutter Count on Vimeo.


Do you like what you see? If you are thinking of best suppliers for parties, I recommend the suppliers and venue above. You don't have to think twice. You'll never go wrong when you get their services. 

Photo Credits: Miss Bea Caisip

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