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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Share Christmas Joy, Give a Noche Buena

Our fondest and earliest memories of Christmas -- aside from the usual ornaments like the Christmas tree, parol, and the anticipation of gifts from Santa, will always be the feast on the table that family members enjoy together on that special eve.
Noche Buena always brings us back to good memories shared with family and loved ones. Truly, no Pinoy Christmas celebration is ever complete without it!

The picture of a beautiful Christmas is to have every family member gathered around the table for a hearty Christmas dinner. Sadly, though, many families are not privileged to enjoy this once-a-year treat. 

World Vision invites you to share the joy of Christmas to our less fortunate brothers and sisters once again by giving them a gift of a Noche Buena pack. For only PHP1,000 you are already providing a bountiful Noche Buena meal for two families -- which consists of ingredients for a Spaghetti meal, fruit salad, and an assortment of Christmas goodies.

"For the past 10 years, the Noche Buena campaign has brought thousands of Filipino families together for Christmas with a hearty meal, while also enabling others to share their blessing by donating Noche Buena. For us, it is not simply a meal -- it is celebrating the truest sense of Christmas, which is sharing," shares World Vision Director Jun Godornes. 

Part of the proceeds of the Noche Buena campaign will be used for the repair of a classroom in Isabella which was damaged by the recent typhoon Lando. For more information, call World Vision at 372-777 or visit

Monday, November 10, 2014

World Vision: Remembering Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) One Year On

November 8, 2014- Friday, marked the first anniversary of Typhoon Haiyan, a calamity that shook the world with compassion for Filipinos, who were devastated by this relentless storm.

The needs in all aspects were tremendous. The long-lasting effect of this typhoon could still be felt, impacting more than 14.1 million people.

Many lives were taken and for those people who survived, their livelihoods were gone. 

5.9 million children were affected out of 14.1 million total people, 4.1 million people displaced, 1.1 million damaged houses, more than 6000 lost their lives, and still more than 1000 were reported as missing.

Now, they are faced with the reality of looking for new ways to earn an income, and continuing to feed their families, along with other day-to day changes post Haiyan.

World Vision has been on the ground in the relief phase and the recovery, committed to seeing these affected communities through until a time when they are again, sustainable.


In the first six months, World Vision was able to reach more than 766,000 people through provision of food, hygiene kits and emergency shelter kits.

See a flashback of World Vision relief efforts in a small community:


This was the initial onslaught when relief goods were being handed out:  

During this phase, World Vision served women and children through Women and Young Children Spaces (WAYCS) and Child Friendly Spaces (CFS) while communities were mobilized to clear road, school, and farmland debris through cash for work (CFW) activities.

Learn more about what these spaces provided for people HERE:

Now, in the recovery phase, more than 66,500 beneficiaries to date through distribution of shelter materials and tool kits, and build-back-better workshops.

This video shows the build-back-better workshops: 

World Vision is also committed to the repair/reconstruction of shelter and infrastructures for health centres, classrooms and WASH facilities.

To reduce the gap in learning disruptions, there were also student and teacher's kits distributed.

This video shows a distribution of student’s kit, outlining the importance of making it easier to continue children’s education. 

Preparing for future disasters (Disaster Risk Reduction) and advocacy initiatives are underway. This ranges from savings groups to prepare for the inevitable, creating spaces that are less likely to damage in the event of high wind speeds for people to stay safe, along with their essential survival items.

World Vision also has the provision of alternative livelihood opportunities including seeds for planting, and distribution of livestock.

Here's a video showing the benefit of a community savings group in a disaster. 


On July 15 2014, Typhoon Glenda swept through the provinces of Bicol Region, Leyte, Samar and Biliran Island. More than 3,000 individuals evacuated to five identified evacuation centres in Tacloban City. Various humanitarian organizations immediately responded through registration and camp management, mobilization of teams to do monitoring and psychosocial support to pregnant mothers, setting up of water bladder, activation of WASH committees at barangay level, hygiene promotion and installation of 8 temporary latrines (4 for male and 4 for female).

World Vision distributed blankets, mats and hygiene kits to more than 320 families at schools.

Sadly, if a low level typhoon hits the affected areas again while things are still fragile, it could easily send these areas into emergency phase again. The international community (all the NGO’s) are working hard to ensure that as many people are helped as soon as possible.

Let us remember and pray for the people who lost their lives, those who survived, and those who lost their loved ones.

Every survivor has a story, and it includes loss on an unimaginable scale. But it also includes resilience and empowerment, and sense of being thankful for what they have, and moving forward as best they can.

I was so fortunate that I was in the comforts of our home when the Philippines was hit by Typhoon Haiyan but my thoughts were with those who were homeless and to those who were badly affected.

This is a time to reflect, be grateful, and also remember the generosity that the whole world showed on our country in a time when we needede it most.


-  Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda to locals) was the Philippines 25th typhoon in 2013. They name them beginning at A and ending in Z.

- The typhoon made landfall in the municipality of Guiuan (Samar), which is where the Spanish settlers in the 16th century began to sow the seeds of Christianity. The town's church, the Church of the Immaculate Conception, is one of the oldest in the country.

- Haiyan wrought havoc in one of the country’s poorest provinces with high maternal and child health issues.

Information and Video Credits: World Vision Philippines

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Friday, May 9, 2014

World Vision Philippines' Mother's Day Made Special

It's two days before Mother's Day. If you are still thinking of how to celebrate it like I do, would it be great if we show that we love our moms through sharing our blessings on their honor?

World Vision Philippines is dedicated to help mothers fulfill their dreams and it is possible through the gift of education and good nutrition.

Our moms raised us and gave so much of their lives in order for us to reach our dreams. There are moms out there who can't afford to make their children's dreams into reality. Would it be nice if we reach out and help them? Through our kindness and generosity, we can make other moms happy. Oh, it would be a nice feeling that somehow we are able to help and share a piece of us, a piece of something that we have.

Honor Mom with Child Sponsorship
Honor your Mom this Mother's Day through World Vision Philippines. Sponsor a child under her name and World Vision Philippines will give a special Papemelroti Mother's Day Card and Php200 worth of gift certificates from New Zealand Ice Cream. (First 20 sponsors only)

Click THIS to sponsor a child in honor of your mom. 

Moments with Mom Photo Contest

Entering your photos of you and Mom in our Instagram and Twitter Photo Contest will make Mother's Day very special.  Don't forget to caption your photo by writing a loving message to your mom.

You can win World Vision T-shirt and Php100 worth of New Zealand Ice Cream Gift Certificates to give to your mom. Winners will be announced on May 12, 2014.

Click THIS to join.

Help Another Mom Celebrate Mother's Day

You can help another mom fulfill one of the greatest gifts she can give to her child –breastmilk which is the source of baby's optimum nutrition.

Each breastfeeding kit you sponsor will encourage a mother to prioritize her own nutrition and that of her baby.  

Click THIS to sponsor a breastfeeding kit.

 Photo Credits: World Vision Philippines

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

My Dream

When I was a kid, all I dreamed of was someday I would have a happy married life. I wanted my children to feel blessed and loved. I wanted my whole family to be contented---to have enough and be thankful if blessed more. We would stay together, help one another grow, and live life to the fullest.

I belong to a broken family. I know how it is to lurk in pain and see my parents drift apart. I don't want my children to experience the same situation---to mature hastily just to cope up with problems. I want them to have a normal, happy childhood. 

I prayed to God, through the intercession of Saint Therese of the Child Jesus, to give me a man who would be a good husband and father to my children. After years of waiting, my prayer was finally answered. 

I am married for nine years and all I can say is that I AM LOVING MY LIFE AS A WIFE AND MOM. I have a husband who respects and loves me and our children unconditionally and brings out the best in us. As a dad, he is firm but gentle, asserts that he is the man of the house but does it kindly and lovingly. As a husband, he is strong when I am weak, supports me in all the things that I do, and never fails to compliment me when I reach my goals and aspirations.

My dream is already fulfilled. Now it is my dream that all women in the world who have the same dream may find a perfect man who would be accorded the same respect and love that we share in our family. Women and children have the right to be happy and should not be abused nor taken for granted.

 A message from World Vision
Why Dreams
Dreams are the foundation of all hope. Dreams grow in us, fill our hearts, give us courage, and lead us into the future. Dreams make us believe in the possibilities of tomorrow.

When we share our dreams, we reawaken old dreams and realise new ones. When we share each other's dreams we help one another make our dreams come true -- sharing ambitions and fueling hope together.

#Dreamshare was created to share our dreams with you, and you sharing your dreams with us. It's about supporting the dreams of children around the world so they can come true.

For my future
Dreams for "when I grow up" and when I grow old.
See a dream like this

For my community
Dreams for my village, my neighbourhood, my city, and my country
See a dream like this
For my family
Dreams for the people I care about most
See a dream like this

For my world
Dreams of what I see and desire for our world today, and our world tomorrow
See a dream like this

  Sharing your dream
Join the #Dreamshare blogger link-up! 
Click this LINK to know the details.

Share your dream on #Dreamshare Dreamwall
Click this LINK to know the details.

Dreams on Facebook
Post your dream video, photos, and story on Facebook with hashtag #dreamshare and encourage your friends and family to do so, too.
Dreams on Instagram
Share "dream" photos on Instagram with hashtag #dreamshare and bring out the iphone-ography of your followers.
Dreams on Twitter
Tweet your dreams with hashtag #dreamshare and inspire your tweeps to do the same.

You may watch the following videos about #Dreamshare

Sharing dreams | World Vision #Dreamshare 

World Vision Youth #Dreamshare: My dream is... (Promo Video)


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Help Make a Child Have a Better Future, Be a World Vision Sponsor or Volunteer

We are very much aware that children in depressed areas have no choice but to work and have no time to go to school to help their parents sustain their basic needs. They set aside their eagerness to study. And much worse, they are unaware that education is the key to end their poverty.

Truth hurts that the government alone can't solve this problem. We are very fortunate that there are institutions who can help these people in need. One of them is World Vision.

World Vision is  a Christian relief, development and advocacy organization dedicated to working with children, families and their communities worldwide towards eliminating poverty and its causes. It strives to build thriving communities where peace and justice prevail and all can enjoy security, opportunity and happiness.

World Vision partners with children and the communities among the poorest areas to help improve lives and combat poverty through: 

Sustainable Development. It works alongside the disadvantaged communities enabling them to use their own capacities and potentials so that they can own the development process.

Emergency Response and Disaster Relief. It responds to life-threatening situations where its involvement is needed and appropriate. I seeks to protect vulnerable people amid difficult circumstances by providing emergency relief such as food, water, shelter, medicine, clothing, and disaster preparedness trainings.

Raising Public Awareness and Advocating for Justice. By increasing understanding of poverty and injustice, it seeks to promote public involvement and government policies that alleviate poverty.

World Vision helps improve the lives of more than 120,000 children and 16 million Filipinos in 33 provinces and 44 cities nationwide. 

It was founded by American Dr. Bob Pierce in 1950 following his life-changing trips to China and Korea. Dr. Pierce was awfully moved by the impact of the war on children. He set up orphanages to care for those who were abandoned or whose parents had died. By the 1960s this work had expanded to meet the needs of refugees in Indochina and the survivors of disasters in Bangladesh and Africa. Eventually, Child Sponsorship was started to provide long-term funding assistance to help poor children worldwide.

Over the decades it’s approach has shifted from welfare provision to collaboration, partnering with communities and individuals to seek solutions to tackle poverty. 

Before we go further, let us pause for a while and reflect. Aside from buying our basic needs,
 where can our Php 600.00 go?

- Eating one meal in a fancy restaurant
- Drinking coffee four times in a fancy coffee shop
- Buying one signatured shirt
- Buying one to eight bottles of alcoholic beverages
- Purchasing 10 packs of cigarette
- Dining 12 times in a fast food chain
- Grabbing one to four lipsticks or one make-up palette 
- Watching a 3D Movie with popcorn and drinks
- Playing in an arcade consuming 120 tokens
Friends, if you have spare Php 600.00 to spend a month, it can help a child believe that he/she has a better future. You can do this by sponsoring a child through WORLD VISION.

In reality, Php 600.oo monthly is very costly and giving it to someone readily during tough times is difficult. But come to think of it, using it as means to sponsor a child brings lifetime changes. 


If you have a very tight budget but you really want to sponsor a child, you may ask your friends, colleagues, classmates, or loved-ones to contribute altogether as a group. Be inspired with this story of high school students who sponsor a child as a class: Children Helping Children
Children Helping Children

If you are a Filipino entrepreneur or blogger, you can help spread the word by adding a WORLD VISION PHILIPPINES FREE/CHARITY AD BANNER to your website like I did. Visitors on your website might be interested in sponsoring a child. By clicking the ad banner, they could be easily directed to Child Sponsorship.  You may contact 

Cherry Anne G. Valencia
Online Marketing Officer | Public Awareness and Experience
World Vision Development Foundation, Inc.
389 Quezon Avenue corner West 6th St. West Triangle, Quezon City 1104 Philippines
Phone: (2) 3747618 to 28 | Fax: (2) 3747661
Email: | web:
Skype: cag.valencia

She could send you different free/charity ad banners and include you in World Vision Philippine's List of Volunteers. For more information about becoming a volunteer you may also go to these links: 

Like World Vision Philippines' Official Facebook Page, add World Vision to your Google+ Circle, and follow it on Twitter for more updates and share them to your friends and followers.

Choosing and doing any of the ways above can make a lot of difference in the lives of less fortunate children who are deprived of their right to good education. As Nelson Mandela said, "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." Isn't it wonderful if all the children in our country and even all over the world become well-educated? That is possible through our efforts.

Help every child in poverty live life to the fullest!

For more information visit 
For my non-Filipino readers, you may help World Vision too by contacting the branch in your country.

Reference and Photo Credits: World Vision Philippines
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