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August 06, 2012
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Do you want to purchase high quality make-up products but you are on a tight budget? Do you visit the mall often and can't afford to buy USA-made make-up because the price is way much higher? Do you want to buy make-up but you can't go out because you are bound to your duties at work or home? If you want to stay pretty and "kikay" but you have the above mentioned predicaments, the best way is to buy online. But many of us are afraid of doing so because many online sellers nowadays are bogus or fake. The good news is, I found the right online shop that suits my "kikay" needs.

One of the best online sellers in the Philippines of affordable USA-made cosmetics on Facebook that I've transacted with is SWEET and SPARKLE! It sells clothing, shoes, accessories, bags and most of all make-up! It is owned by CHRISTINE ANNE C. PIOQUINTO, a high school student from Antipolo City. Behind her is her dynamic and supportive mom, Mrs. Luz Pioquinto. She is US-based and the one purchasing and sending all the goods from USA to the Philippines. This guarantees that all the products being sold by Sweet and Sparkle are all authentic.
How did I find her? I was browsing my business Facebook account then I added her as a friend. I just greeted her on her birthday and the rest was history.

My first purchase was LA Colors Auto Eyeliner, ELF Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner, and NYC Kohl Brow and Eyeliner. The whole transaction was very smooth and hassle free!  When the package was delivered, the items were neatly packed and sealed. My mom and I were satisfied with the products. All of them were new stocks. I was surprised! I got nice freebies too!How cool was that?!

I got all the items in a very good condition and very affordable price.Plus the shipping fee combined, they were still cheaper than the mall price! This made me wanted to purchase some more! In the next transaction, this were the items that I bought! As expected, our 2nd transaction went out smoothly and I was very satisfied with all my purchases!

To complete my make-up collection, the latest item that I bought from her was the ELF Make-up Clutch! It was also nice. I loved it too!!!

I was so happy with my shopping experience from Miss Tin and I couldn't help but have more transactions again soon! You know why? She is not just selling good items but she is very much willing to answer all clients' queries, she communicates very well, she keeps you updated-- in short, she is a very good businesswoman at a very young age and I admire her for that! No wonder that her business is growing and she has more and more clients as months pass by. 

To order, you may visit her Facebook account She is accepting preorder. Don't hesitate to send her a personal message! You'll see that what I am talking about is right once you have a transaction with her! :)

Note: Photos courtesy of Sweet and Sparkle

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  1. yah, all stated here are true... she's really accomodating and even the smallest queries u wanna know, she will definitely answer it. She communicates well with her clients. so, Tin, keep it up and no matter what be humble always.. Godbless us and thanks!

  2. Tin is really a good seller. She is always true to her words. :) Definitely,she has good mentors behind her back! :)

  3. Thank you very much for making this post for my daughter's shop,Sweet and Sparkle.I really appreciated.Yes,this is true that I do shopping personally for all your requests.I'm happy to hear that you guys satisfied and love all the products that I sent directly from US to Pinas.Don't hesitate to visit our on line shop,make inquiries and Tin will reply all your personal messages.Once again,happy shopping and wanna thanks,All-Around Pinay Mama!:) God bless us always and keep safe!!

  4. This is true..:) I've been buying on her shop almost a year and she's so really accommodating,true to her heart and most of all the compassionate that this young lady had..I am very much happy because like you guys,i found this on line shop with so much confidence.I ordered usually in bulk,and they gave me reasonable and lower prices..Keep it up Tin!!! More power and blessing to your on line shop..:) God bless us..Thanks,All-Around Pinay Mama for posting... this..

  5. Thanks for the nice words Mommy Luz & Miss Belle! Tin deserves all the praises! :)More power and success, Sweet and Sparkle!!!!

  6. I've heard about Sweet and Sparkle from a friend and she's totally a good seller. A very nice makeup online shop in the Philippines.

    1. Thanks for visiting Katherine! Yes, she is a good and reliable seller!


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