I'm So Glad Kuya has Switched to Nutri10Plus Syrup

October 27, 2015
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I mentioned on May 14, 2015, that I was glad to be given Nutri10 Plus Syrup samples by Wert Philippines, Inc. I became a big fan of this multivitamin supplement because it was packed with vitamins and minerals that could fit Kuya's nutritional needs.

Finally! Here's a food supplement packed with all the nutrients that my kids need- Zinc for healthy tummy, Taurine for...

I let Kuya try and test the product immediately and see if it was really potent to sustain his very stressful, busy, and active lifestyle.  

Being a fifth grader with tons of assignments, projects, tests, and extracurricular activities is no joke for his very young body. He and his Papa are commuting to school daily which is a little far from our place. That added factor makes schooling more stressful for him. Aside from the factors related to thinking, he is expending more energy due to environmental concerns like pollution. If his body becomes frail, he can no longer exert more effort and it leads to more serious health problems.

After religiously taking Nutri10Plus Syrup daily, I've seen tremendous improvements on his health and wellness. He seldom gets sick. Due to the Zinc content of the syrup that his Pediatrician recommends, his gastrointestinal tract becomes stronger. I consider his GIT as his weakness before that causes him to get hospitalized and absent for days and even weeks.

The decrease in his absence to school this year because of having high immunity is more beneficial for him and for the whole family. More resources in all aspects are being saved or diverted to other needs. As a mom, I worry less and that means less negative stress on my part. 

I'm extremely satisfied with the benefits of Nutri10Plus Syrup for Kuya. Its complete "Active Sports Formula" really works! Now he can achieve his full potential without being afraid of getting sick anymore.

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  1. I used to give my kids ceelin and tiki-tiki. My mother used to give me the same food supplement when I was young. Nutriplus syrup seems a good product and trusted by Filipinos.

  2. Yes, it is, Elizabeth. Hiyang sa kids ko. Good thing is it's complete! It has all the nutrients that my kids need.


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