The Easiest Ways to Manage Your Space

July 01, 2020
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No matter how organized and well-managed your space is, there is a point that you lose track so you have to check your stuff and surely you can find things that you need to keep yourself free from to make your nook at its utmost clutter-free state.

Maintaining a space is easier if you know how to simplify things and keep what truly matters.

First and foremost, you have to evaluate the areas that you need to organize considering the most troublesome portion of your room or space your topmost priority. After figuring them out, you must apply the six-month or one-year rule which means that if you haven’t used or worn something and just kept it in the closet or cabinet within any of those two periods, it is a must to give them away.

Don’t think twice when donating books in your shelves that you don’t intend to read or sets of apparel that are just stored in your closet and you don’t plan of wearing them for the longest time. Someone may find them useful so giving them away is a great idea while decluttering your home to make way for the new things that you are going to use.

You may store out-of-season apparel in the basement, separate room, or closet to save time looking for others that you regularly use. It is also easier for you to know which ones you don’t need anymore and ready for donation.

One of the best ways to organize your stuff is by arranging them with rainbow colors. This promotes efficiency and aesthetics as well.

Papers may invade your drawers or filing cabinets so quickly. The best way to avoid this is to sort them effectively by following the tips found in “Keeping HouseholdPapers Organized”. In this article, you can learn the best ways to keep your documents updated and properly placed in the areas that they really should belong to.

In storing food items, always follow the “First in, first-out” rule. Devote a day in a week when you can check the food items that you need to consume immediately to avoid wastage. The same rule applies to all consumables including makeup, cosmetics, toiletries, janitorial, and even pesticides.

You don’t need the help of professional organizing company or consultants to manage your space properly and create a new one within that space to maximize it. All you have to do is to know your priorities, buy the things that you only need and give away the stuff that doesn’t bring joy or create a spark in you. 

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